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Adam and Eve, Unconditional Love, Animal Inspiration, and Happy Couples

Adam and Eve, Unconditional Love, Animal Inspiration, and Happy CouplesReading the Bible from Oneness

When we awaken into states of unconditional oneness, the bible takes on new meanings. Misinterpretations are replaced with understandings born of love. As an animal intuitive this has been bought to my attention by the unconditional love that animals offer. As a couples counselor, I have been happy to help people in couples’ counseling to use this truth for releasing unfavorable patterns, finding deeper love.

Let’s explore Adam’s and Eve’s situation. When we are in awareness of the Source out of which the experiences, thoughts, sensations, and emotions that move through use occur, life takes on great beauty and sweetness. When we bite an apple, receive a kind word, or offer a loving hand, we feel the Source of Life and Love generating blissful waves through us. We feel embedded in neutrality that has no end, going right through the center of our hearts into eternity. Phenomenal and mysterious ecstasy and peace comes in constant new flavors.

When we become detached from our awareness of this Source as an essential experience, we receive only a fraction of the bounty life wishes to give to use. This limits what we give to others because we have no placed ourselves in a box within bounty! When we cut ourselves off from bounty, it is no longer ours to give.  The universe lovingly waits and prompts our return to bounty, to our awareness of our connectedness to Source! We have forgotten which is all that “sin” originally meant if you follow the etymology back.  As  Sh. Ahmed Abdur Rashid, a friend and mentor of mine points out “sin” originally meant to forget. It implied looking for fullness without instead of within. Guilt , shame, and  wrong doing were concepts humans added to this, not initial meaning in the word sin.

So let Adam and Eve entice you back to the Source of life.

Sit in gratitude, focused on your heart and find their message. Find the love that is here when you go to love first. Find the love that you experience when you focus on neutral love. When this kind of love surges through your heart, you love all. You feel your individual self to be an expression of One Source. The apple is part of the sweetness bringing devotional gratitude out of your heart. The apple is no longer a distracting force.

Either way, you are loved by the Benevolent Source, Life.

As I found this depth of recognition in my own heart, I found that the couples I meet for couples  counseling improved more rapidly. As I  made my focus helping them to return to this love, their capacity to shift destructive patterns became more available to them. I credit animals for this. As an animal intuitive I am forever in awe at how animals solve problems from unconditional love, a constant awareness of their Source.


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