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Some Times We Only Need Patient Witnessing

Sometimes, being patiently witnessed will heal our wounds.

Sometimes, being quietly embraced will solve our difficulties. Being loved instead of labeled with a psychological diagnosis can be the quickest kind of therapy.

What an honor it was to watch a little bird finding big courage. Sunday, Ray and I were sitting on the deck with our friends, watching exquisite clouds over the ocean.

Suddenly, tiny brown and black birds were everywhere. Feathers flew off of bodies. Squeaks and squawks sparked in the air. One little girl landed a few feet from us shaking. She sat, her little beak trembling.

I brought her food but she was not ready to eat. I sat with her and she told me of how she was separated from the flock. Meanwhile her family had all returned to their favorite perches on the tree and were singing to her.

Now the air was full of a melodic and uplifting collage of songs. Soon all of the sweet winged ones flew together and rejoined in midair. But my new little friend sat alone on the deck, still waiting to regain her courage.

One of our friends asked me if she was hurt. “No,” I said. She lost two tiny baby feathers but she is fine. She simply needs to digest all this. She has been deeply startled. She will fly again when she is ready. Let it be in her own time.

Her bird-friends continued to sing her name out.

Eventually she trotted over to the very edge of the deck and gazed out. The ground was 24 feet below. The closest branch was about 20 yards from where she looked.

“She simply needs to collect herself,” I said. 20 minutes later she flew well and fine back to her flock.

Sometimes we simply need time to find our new stance and harmony after a spiritual, mental or physical shock. Some times when we think an animal or human friend our own self is stuck, that being is simply hibernating. The caterpillar needs time alone before becoming a butterfly. Anyone who has been hurt, needs some time to re-gather his or her feelings and stability.

Sometimes we need reflections from the universe to see that ourselves need witnessing and no more than this to be well.

Thank you to our little bird friend, Rendawnla. She is available to share her courage with you. Rendawnla contacted me this evening to say her conversation with humans (us) assisted her in keeping her oath and vow to be a peace keeper.

“I was shaking to calm myself until I looked deep into the human and saw God Goddess Light is there too. We can all be friends, “she shared.

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