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The Broken Heart’s Solution

Having helped several broken-hearted folks today, I’m reflecting.

Hi Gals and Guys:

How common this challenge is! Everyone’s gone through it. Thinking fondly of you, my friends, as though you are my children, wishing I could give you a lifetime without a broken heart! Having endured heartache’s power, I know the pain, sorrow, anger, embarrassment, hopelessness, shame, and agony.

Most people will experience a broken heart, if not from love, from loss, betrayal, or disappointment. I offer you bank accounts of unlimited healing, love, and joy, accessible during heart-wrenching circumstances. You will find this in your own heart, as you experiment with the suggestions below.

A broken heart is hell, boiling in one’s chest. It’s hard to believe a broken heart contains gifts. Whether the cause is loss of human or animal companion, relationship break-up, infidelity, shattered dreams, or another betrayal, the pain feels unbearable. It’s tormenting pain leaving people feeling profoundly alone. Having found unanticipated, heart-wrenching life experiences lead me to unconditional love, let me offer my solution.

Stop running! Stop fighting. Stop denying. Stop waiting for an end. Stop trying to change anything. Instead, fully sit in feeling of the broken heart as though this was your best friend. Lovingly welcome the broken heart as though this were your crying child.

It’s not a carefree journey into the depth of a broken heart. There are growing pains, but this way of living eases that. My clients found, sitting through layers of fear, sorrow, anger, and helplessness contained within a broken heart, peace is discovered.

Decades ago, Tri-Yoga’s inventor, Kali Ray, suggested I focus my consciousness in a place of physical resistance encountered in my body. This softened muscles, hence heart. Years later, feeling alone, I meditated in the energy of loneliness.  What an incredible discovery! Loneliness transformed into self-love, feelings of complete togetherness. Several days later I fell in love. My heart became spacious, magnetizing a soul-mate with whom I shared much more fulfilling love than what I knew before.

Let me help you out of misery. Try this now. What feeling is in your heart? Beyond explanation, simply notice sensation. Allow yourself to merge into sensation. Where does this take you? If this takes you to another feeling, repeat this journey.

Shirley Hart, Hay house author, came to me broken-hearted. I asked her to try the process.  She offered to share her response with you, dear friends:

“Dr. Laurie asked if I would be willing to sit in intense grief to see what came up. First I said this would be terrifying. What she said next broke me wide open. She quietly asked, “Might you think of this space as being the beloved”?  A monumental shift occurred inside. The cold, endless, blackness was instantly transformed into an experience of a warm, velvet cocoon that is completely secure and totally loving.” -Shirley Hart

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