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Podcast: How Humor Can Help Cancer Patients

Listen Here: Dr. Rajiv Samant is a radiation oncologist and author of Smiles From The Clinic: A Humorous Look At Cancer  – a cartoon book designed for cancer patients, health care professionals and anyone who has been touched by cancer, [...]

Bucket List, Here I Come!

Recently in one of my latest trips to the doctor the topic of discussion was what was new regarding my cancer. “Karen,” the doctor opened up her conversation, ‘Your cancer has spread to your liver. As it looks you have a few months to [...]

Ready To Fight

The pain in my hips was increasing. Walking, sitting and standing became a difficult if not impossible task. The only thing I was able to do was lay on my stomach on my bed. It was from that position I ate my meals and did my work from my laptop [...]

Who Put The Question Mark On My TelePrompTer?

One evening as I sat and watched the news the story they were talking about caught my attention. They were interviewing a news reporter who went through an experience with his teleprompter that disrupted an interview he was doing. What was supposed [...]

Awareness That Counts

As I sat down to watch Sunday night football recently with my husband I was caught off guard by the amount of pink on the field. Helmets dressed in pink, pink socks, pink ribbons and so much more. Turning to my husband I asked them what they [...]

Surviving Heroes

The time for the annual breast cancer walk in town was finally here. It would be the 2nd time my family and I attended the ‘Heaven Can Wait’ event. This year we were ready for the event. For months I had been gathering and making pink hats [...]

Deluded? Audacious? Not Necessarily Bad Things

The other day I saw the movie Before Midnight. If you like dialogue and character development movies, it’s a great flick.  It takes an unflinching look at relationships: the bad, the mundane and the good. Ethan Hawke is the male lead.  At [...]

When Facing Cancer, Compassionate, Caring Touch Matters

I first heard the word cancer when I was nine. No, it was not pertaining to a grandparent or an elderly family friend. It pertained to my cousin, who was 11. She aspired to become a doctor. She knew this was her calling since she was five. She [...]

Fighting A Good Fight

The day was just beginning and it was time to spend some quiet time with my Lord. As I sat in my lift chair I began to think of something I read in the Bible about fighting a good fight. Suddenly out of nowhere tears began to stream down my [...]

Your 2013 Astrological Overview Forecast

The planets don’t do anything to you. But…we DO live in a cooperation with the Cosmos. When a planet makes a move, you feel it. When You make a move, the planets show it…mirror, mirror on the Cosmic Wall. What’s on the [...]