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Your 2013 Astrological Overview Forecast

The planets don’t do anything to you.

But…we DO live in a cooperation with the Cosmos. When a planet makes a move, you feel it. When You make a move, the planets show it…mirror, mirror on the Cosmic Wall.

What’s on the Cosmic Wall for YOUR Astrological Sign in 2013?

The entire year is a combination of: what you make it, what you allow, what you sabotage, what you choose, what you limit because of fear, your karma (not good or bad, but rather life seeking completion with certain things), and what actions you take or don’t. Ultimately when you focus your intentions on one or two things and ACT AS IF, you create a momentum of Intentional creation around your energy and manifest all kinds of joyful stuff.

When I look at a general chart for each sign for the year, I see a theme. Does it mean that all Aries will be standing on the same line at the movie theater at the same time? No. You’re an individual and a unique being. There’s no one person like you. however, your astrological Sun sign and Rising sign, and the position of each individual planets paint a picture of the possibilities for you. It’s always up to you to walk through the Cosmic Doorways of Opportunity. Ready? Set…go! Have a blessed Year.

ARIES/Aries Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

Mars and Uranus are in your sign. Please look before leaping into anything, cross the street, or head out the driveway. Wear head gear when exercising, too. Your blood, head, ears are vulnerable this year. Once you buckle up your head for safety, please have your head examined every time you jump from frying pan to proverbial flames. I know you’re going to feel that urge to purge so before you throw that Lladro crystal away (what ARE you doing with that stuff anyway?) put it aside to sell or give away. You’re going to be quick to pass over the reasons and feelings associated with the things and people you’re ready to purge, too, so go carefully into emotional realms. Those who support you are evident. Those who don’t need to be shown the door. Your brilliant ideas are so marketable this year! Sadly, some estate planning or joint resources are high on the list of to-do’s. What you do with your money or how you disallow sensuality (sex) or equal partnerships comes up too. Metaphysical or dramatic type folks are great boosters. Shy from addicted or scattered folks, though. A complete overhaul of your ‘career’ or your goals in life are here, so pay close attention. Set a new structure where you get back as much as you give.

TAURUS/Taurus Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

You have the magnetism to charm the skin from a snake in this Chinese ‘Snake’ New Year. Bright ideas abound, so keep a pad and pen handy. Big money topics around your values  are: writing, science, medicine, healing, travel, and a type of Buddhist objectivity. Ultimately these topics are your venues for increasing earnings this year. What you value most increases so let’s start valuing your talents, your words, the internet, and international business, too. It’s time to restructure all biz and romantic partnerships. Allow your ‘partners’ to assist you in helping your dreams come true. Maybe that means to let go of some control? Or to set really clear boundaries? Mars is conjunct your Sun so you’ll feel the push (hey, stop shoving!) to have it done your way. There’s a lot of ‘disbelief’ on your part this year about HOW you can advance, succeed, or otherwise bring your vision into being unless you’re the one who’s doing all the work. This is the letting go part--of the parts of you that mistrust the Cosmos. You need to examine your PARTNERSHIP with the DIVINE this year every time you feel ‘stuck’ or like a bully or feel ‘frustrated.’ Close your eyes and go within. Find that connection to Pure Conscious Love and all the need for control goes away. Ah, that’s better. Who’s got chocolate?

GEMINI/Gemini Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

There’s a huge focus on YOU this year and your body-mind connection. Do you listen to your body when it’s hungry or tired or thirsty or scared? Each time you disconnect from the internal Divine plug, you’ll experience physical issues with your lungs, your arms or your nervous system. Once you connect the dots to your emotional and physical self, your SPIRITUAL aspects show themselves with elders, estate planning, and with joint resources. This year sees the decline or passing of either an elder, mentor, or of a part of you that has limited your own creative expression. In either case you’ll want to grieve the passing of something outdated (debt? ex-spouse?) and simultaneously celebrate the renewal of your spirit. Body-Mind-Spirit Connection means to be as present as possible. To stop waiting to live your life. To get rid self of the ‘me vs. them’ syndrome. If there are people in your world who don’t measure up to your standards, then realize that you can ask them to step up or step out. Realize that you are the magnet for everything in your life. Realize that you have the power to create a vision of loveliness without having to go to extremes.

CANCER/Cancer Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

Do the happy dance! You’ve got a Grand Trine this year. Wipe your brow with gratitude and roll up your sleeves. The big 3 topics of ease are: You (your personality and what hinders or helps), your problem-solving prowess (that might deal with children or romance or creative actions), and your vision (and getting backers for that vision or signing contracts that support you). You might use writing, food, the law, finances, or home and hearth to enact your miracles this year, but one thing is certain…you must organize and attract healthy partners regarding career. If you feel the least bit uncertain about the integrity of a biz or romantic partner, VOICE that stuff. Clear the air and take responsibility for your part in any relationship. It’s time to TRUST the creative parts of you. Be free with your expression. Children or being child-like can help with this. (Just watch out for your inner childish temper tantrums especially with a grandma or mom.) This is a year to align with a higher calling, truer purpose to let go of any burdens. But don’t get carried away…small things matter just as much as the big dreams.

LEO/Leo Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

This year an elder will be of concern–grandparent, parent, or in-law. It enables you to construct a timeline of your life to see from whence you’ve come. That’s a powerful experience. Examine the patterns carefully. You’re  inspired to form a new, more powerful structure for not only your health, but for work. The ‘purge’ of your past helps you nurture yourself more. Expand through writing, ‘parenting’ (but be careful of over mothering others), finances, aligning with the Cosmic Laws of flow, too. Your body wants to stretch, heal, establish a root system to the ‘truth.’ Please be very diligent with money and those who manage your money (credit card co’s, too) as there seems to be a veil of illusion surrounding the way in which you relate to money. Yes, be generous, but be fastidious, too. You’ll have some very unexpected invites to partner, form contracts, and travel to new lands (even if only in your own awareness). Do your best to see the truth about money and partners, too. Love yourself, know that you are enough and those who dangle your worth in dollar signs will suddenly transform to real support.

VIRGO/Virgo Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

You’ve got a big ol’ SQUARE in your chart this year. Sometimes it’ll feel like the work never lets up, that no matter what you do to make more money, to establish yourself as the expert, to have effortless romance, to CREATE something…something stops you. That insecure part of your psyche is reflected in groups, associations, and friends. You might wonder why you feel a deep loss in the oddest of moments. Loss of youth, loss of loved ones, loss of ideas whose time have come and gone. Deep down, you’re ready to accept a new role. Whatever that role looks like: parent, grandparent, authority, counselor, mediator, bookkeeper extraordinaire…stand back and look at the really, really big picture. It’s time to shed the role of skeptic. Start to develop a relationship with PURE CONSCIOUS LOVE. It’s inside of you, outside, everywhere and it’s genderless. The thoughts you think–the doubtful, negative ones that no one knows about–are manifesting a reality in your life right next to the one you’re already working on. Gets confusing, huh? CLUE: Use every healing method necessary to get to the core. There’s no such thing as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ when it comes to creation. LOVE your sparks of innovation. They come from you, from Pure Conscious Love itself. It’s not the extremes that matter, it’s YOUR MATTER. You matter because your matter is Divine! Edna from ‘The Incredibles’ said it best when giving super heroine Elasti-girl a pep-talk, “What are you TALKING about? You are Elasti-Girl. What will you do? Is this a question? Go! Confront the problem. Fight. Win. And call me when you get back. I do so enjoy our visits.”

LIBRA/Libra Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

The Cosmos wants you to have a budget for your brilliance. Spend, yes, okay, but with sobriety, ESPECIALLY when it comes to investing in a spouse or biz partner. Have very clear boundaries around who does what and who pays for what. You’ll be looking at what you value most this year as you dip into your past and review your identity. Who are you and where to go from here takes on a whole new meaning. Whether you get married or divorced or graduate from college, there’s a whole new level of PROFESSIONALISM that’s forming. With Neptune in your house of health and work make sure you get enough clean water and soothing massages this year to work out the kinks. Head colds or infections tell you that you’re denying your body and more sensitive feelings. Yoga helps, too. The vision you have for yourself changes as you identify with newness: ideas, practices, people, locations. Get out often to explore new worlds or ideas. The career front morphs along with you, too, so don’t think you’re even close to ‘done.’ Writing, traveling, law, food, finances, publishing, women and children’s issues, and health and healing modalities play a huge part in your future so take a class in French cuisine or LaMaze for a jump on things.

SCORPIO/Scorpio Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

Okay, wow. Saturn in Scorpio for the next two years makes all the difference. The things that no longer represent you are leaving. This means people, places, practices, ideas, habits, and anything you once held to be true. All of it’s up for review and most of it that speaks your truth will pass the tug-o-war test of truth vs. illusion. You’re learning the signs of what doesn’t feel right so this is part of the maturing that’s happening in your mind, body, psyche, spirit. The Vision you’ve had for the last 29 years is coming full circle. Maybe you thought you’d be a writer but put that aside to get a J.O.B…or maybe that dream to be seen as the authority in your career is now showing you the possibilities. It feels like a sobering time, yet it’s also exciting. You’ll be working hard on the thing(s) that are true. All else is put in the ‘no thank you’ box and shipped of to be recycled. Some of you are undergoing a complete restructuring of your finances–how you make money, where it goes, budgets, audits, severance packages, too. Other Scorpios are ready to get their message out into the world via publishing or travel. Take time for Intentional Creation. What seeds you plant now reach full maturation in 7 years. Ah, a legacy is born.

SAGITTARIUS/Sag Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

Truth, women, children, publishing, finances, legal matters, more truth, how you communicate, how you don’t communicate, and letting go of the really stubborn parts of you that judge, are all on this year’s agenda. Let’s break it down for easy digestion…The fears that get you into conflict with women all point to your own feminine self. Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. Get some counseling this year to find out why your feminine self feels persecuted. Use that phrase, too, and see what comes up. The judgment, the blame, the mother, the ex, the difference between genders, the sisters, the friends that all represent the joys and…the judgment. You’re an authority on you. Stand up and value you without having to put down your past. This year you come to an uplifting realization about your four walls and the body in which your sacred Spirit resides. The ‘ah-ha’ happens at home (in your body and mind first) then inside your four walls. Spend more time there to discover just how much LOVE really exists within. Your money vs. ‘Their’ money (or energy) is tiring, but these extreme situations regarding your ‘worth’ helps you to deal with the irrefutable fact that you are worth it! Got it? When you see the money flowing in, you’ll know that you’ve moved to a new place with self-love. Be You To Full.

CAPRICORN/Cap Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

You and Pluto are finally seeing the road that leads to your (undoing?), well, no…more like the structure that works for you. So if you’ve been running and your knees hurt or you’ve neglected to wash your face and the acne flares (wha…? At age 52?) then realize the time is ripe for a different approach. Teeth, skin, joints, hormones, pelvis all join in the ‘fun’ so keep an eye on your body because it will talk to you. Get the proper nutrition and assistance you need to keep going. It feels like you’re a chick who’s attempting to crack out of an egg without help, yet simultaneously prove to others (biz partners, spouse, past clients) that you’ve had to work really hard to get ‘here.’ If you want to change your career direction you don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s really okay to try on new things to see if they fit. You’re the expert on you. If the ‘group’ or your friends don’t know that by now, then maybe it’s time to express it more articulately and with conviction AS YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR. You team up with some very supportive folks this year who want to see you expand your message. Trust is your word for the year. As you create your vision of ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY, you’ll be surprised to find out (Dorothy) that you’ve had the power to go ‘home’ all along simply by clicking your heels together and TRUSTING that you ARE Pure Conscious Love. And yes, you CAN take that to the bank.

AQUARIUS/Aquarius Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

Right! You’re back in the game so put on your biggest smile and realize that you never really left. Ask your Capricorn friend what it feels like to set a new structure for ‘happy.’ Fears arise this year about having the ‘right’ to start a yoga biz when you step out of the corporate world or having the ‘right’ to claim expert status when you don’t really have a proven track record. (Uh, hello…what about personal experience?) As long as you don’t boast about being able to do something you’ve never done, you’re okay. Learning curves are part of your new experience that give you the energy and joy to spark your enthusiasm. BTW…’Enthusiasm’ is a Greek word that means, ‘deity on the inside.’ You do need to be very careful of investing in things, or people, without checking out the facts first. Due diligence, research and a moderate approach keeps you on the receiving end much longer. You’ll be asked to come up with solutions to problems even the experts aren’t able to tackle. That’s okay. It’s not a test. It’s an OPPORTUNITY to sit back and find the problem-solver in you who loves to innovate and create. You will need to get caught up on technology, so do that now to avoid feeling like an old work horse. Slow and steady as you plow ahead makes you the MVP of the year! My bet’s on you.

PISCES/Pisces Rising 2013 Astrological Forecast

There’s a huge spotlight on your very own way of seeing things. This might mean you need glasses, (binoculars for some of you), or a fresh perspective on what’s possible with: working with biz women, your home, you working from home, your idea of wealth and poverty, what you do with your legacy. Um, I mean, do you have a vision for a legacy? If today were your last day on Earth, what would you regret? What would you leave your family? What did you stand for? What wouldn’t you sit down for? What mattered most to you? What did you deny yourself? Why did you wait? Hey! Know what? You’re not gone. You’re here and can answer those questions with a sigh of relief that you’re just getting started. So…go ahead and answer those questions to get an idea of what gives you joy and how to translate that vision into a reality. Building a home, re-inventing yourself and working together with women (proactive women) are going to help you to open a new reality–that you’re more than you ever thought. Counseling is a must this year. How you set up contracts around your ‘worth’ is an indication that you undervalue you. Or that you know what you’re worth and it takes forever to convince others of that worth. I feel a power struggle coming on this year with you and…a biz partner or a spouse or a contractor or a parent. Or perhaps the ultimate power struggle is within…between you and your ‘belief system’ (Deity of choice) as you attempt to prove (to yourself) that you’re here…Hello? Is there anybody out there? Yes. Gaze at your reflection in the mirror. That’s the fast track to joy. Seeing? Listening?

Elaine Marolakos Edelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.