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Fighting A Good Fight

The day was just beginning and it was time to spend some quiet time with my Lord.

As I sat in my lift chair I began to think of something I read in the Bible about fighting a good fight. Suddenly out of nowhere tears began to stream down my cheeks.

Where did that come from? I asked myself. As I tried to answer my own question I thought about what it meant to fight a good fight.

Too often our idea of a good fight is one where we succeed in beating up on another person to get what we want.

Perhaps the better meaning is to try our best whether we succeed or not.

Right now this is where I’m at with my cancer. I want to make sure I have fought a good fight. On that thought even more tears began to race down my cheeks to see who could get to the bottom first.

Both spiritually and physically I want to know in my heart I have fought a good fight.

I want to know I have done all I can to fight my disease. I confess there have been days I haven’t had the strength to fight it. The best I could do was cry out to God telling Him he was going to have to do it for me because I couldn’t.

Yes, to me, giving up sounded like a much better alternative, at least an easier one I should say.

Giving in or giving up is never a good alternative. It gets us no where fast. Years ago when my doctor had almost given up on me with my epilepsy I checked myself into an epileptic clinic to be evaluated for further options or advice.

It was there I heard that 90% of my seizures were stressed caused and only 10% were epileptic. Give in to stress or give up on having some kind of life outside of seizures was the choices in front of me.

I chose to fight with the help of my Lord doing all I could for my epilepsy resulting in being seizure free now for over 23 years.

Once again the fight I face now is my cancer.

I would love to hear my doctor tell me, ‘Well Karen 90% of your cancer is stressed caused, come back when you get your stress in remission,’ but I know better. It’s a whole different battle with an unfair component.

Indeed cancer will never fight fair but we can still fight a good fight in spite of that, in our heart and in our spirit. Doing all we can to fight our disease or the issues in life. We may not have the opportunity to go to the finest of doctors or facilities but we can still find ways to fight a good fight.

Battles may be lost along the way but overall the war will be won if we don’t give in or give up to whatever it is we are up against.

Let the fighting begin!

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