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Rajiv Samant

Dr. Rajiv Samant is a radiation oncologist from Canada who has been working with cancer patients for over 25 years. He has been involved in education throughout his career and is very interested in improving the patient and family experience through better communication with health care professionals. He believes patients need to be treated on an individual basis with dignity, respect and kindness as well as with a good dose of smiles, positivity and humor whenever possible.

He has realized that cancer is still often viewed by many as all doom and gloom. People think that working as a cancer specialist must be very serious, sad and depressing. His personal experience has been quite the opposite, with his patients being a constant source of inspiration and hope. He decided that he should do something to show people that there is much more humor and positivity when dealing with cancer patients and their families than you might think. This being said, he set out to create a book that would show the more positive side of working in the cancer business.

Posts by Rajiv Samant:

  • Podcast: How Humor Can Help Cancer Patients

  • February 23rd, 2016
    Listen Here: Dr. Rajiv Samant is a radiation oncologist and author of Smiles From The Clinic: A Humorous Look At Cancer  – a cartoon book designed for cancer patients, health care professionals and anyone [...]