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Have Another Vodka! Or 3 Ways to Elevate Your Intuition

People ask me all the time what it’s like to be clairvoyant.

cindy goldenberg, annie jennings pr, jenningswireIs it noisy? Can you sleep? Do you see dead people walking around Starbucks?  No, yes and sometimes.

Yes, I see colorful auras swirling around people. (Not only do we create colors with our thoughts, we are born with specific aura colors that represent our personality and character traits.)

Yes, I hear heavenly voices in my head like background music. (By tuning out mind chatter one can easily develop the intention to audibly hear divine guidance.)

Yes, I tune into people’s experiences as if they were my own memories. (Admittedly, this knack takes a little more conscious effort to open up to.)

And yes, I have seen 3-D images of people who weren’t really there.

(Although I’ve encountered some inter-dimensional beings during my midnight bathroom visits, I’m often just too sleepy to care.)

However, what I really love about being a clairvoyant intuitive medium, (which really means that I see ethereal energy) and being a transformational life coach is that I can feel the dynamic energy patterns of people’s heightened emotions, feeling and thoughts.

This isn’t the “Oh I just love the warmth of the sun” kind of energy. This is a pure, co-creating, higher knowing “Wow! This is our true reality!” kind of energy!

You see, we are all spiritual, or should I say, energy-producing beings.

And while we¹re here on earth having human experiences, we exude a protective dense, low vibrational frequency.  We cry. We get angry. We worry. A lot. Too much. And we constantly re-create more of the same frequency fieldŠ of worry, anger and doubt.

This doesn’t mean we’re not nice, or elevated.

It just means we’re dense.

So how do we lighten our load? How can we go with the flow, be open to new opportunities and learn to synch up with all those good vibrations? How can we receive higher intuitive guidance?

Here are a few suggestions:

1.   Breathe. Deep breathing, quiet, meditative breathing, exhaling, and simply relaxing is perfect for centering your mind, body and soul.   From yoga masters to ancient mystics, to modern science and everything in between, we know that our breath is our connection to all life force. And, the effects last long after you would think. Relaxation induces alpha brain waves, which heals and restores the body, while meditation induces theta brain waves, which triggers the pineal gland into a clairvoyant, dream-like state. This is where we can receive our greatest inspiration, insight and intuition.

2.   Move Your Body to Music, Nature, or Rhythmic Sounds. So much psychic debris is caught up in your joints, tissues and cells. Really? Really. Whether or not you’ve been conscious of the fact that you¹re still really mad at your 8th grade teacher isn’t the point. Being aware that your beautiful body has the ability to store all the effects of your life’s experiences and emotions is.

You can be exact, purposeful and target each episode of your life’s circumstances through transpersonal hypnotherapy, neuro-emotional release, chakra clearing meditations, etc. They’re all good and extremely enlightening. Or you could just dance. If you can’t find music, hum. At least stand up and twist your spine. God knows we all store a lot of worry and angst on and in our backs.

3.   Forgive Yourself. For everything. Start over. Redefine who you are, who want to be and what you want to experience. Go ahead. You’re allowed.

In fact, it’s the first thing you’ll realize that you can do when you “cross over.” Changing your attitude, especially with self-acceptance, tolerance and love is truly transformational. It also clears your vibration so thoroughly that you may literally become clairvoyant, (clear-seeing) and clairsentient (clear feeling) overnight.  Because that’s exactly what happened to me!

Whatever you do, remember that you are hard-wired to receive  intuitive or inspired information all the time. So use it. Enjoy it. Ask for it. Who knows, you may experience life in a much more colorful, enchanting way!



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