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A Channeled Angel Message for Dec 21, 2012

December 2012 is a time of awakening.

It’s a melody, an orchestra of harmonic gifts, changes and flow. Yet so many people scurry to point out their thoughts, fears and opinions. So I thought I’d add my own—with a little help from my Heavenly Helpers.

Although I love to write—let me say that again—I LOVE TO WRITE!!!… I am fortunate to be able to adjust my inner awareness and just “hear what the angels are saying.”

I’m so full of stories, ideas and inspirational lessons– for sure! Every year my husband promises to get me that catalog T-shirt that says “Help me I can’t stop talking!”

But today, in between the holiday hustle and bustle, I close my eyes, breathe and then hear the song of a beautiful, calm voice. And for this I am truly grateful.

Happy Holidays ~ Joy, Peace & New Beginnings!

Angelic Messages:




Can you can feel the difference, right now, where you are, who you are surrounded by, what you are wearing, sensing within you…what is coming alive? Is it a burden to be lifted, a cry for help or an ever aching body that needs support?

Well, yes. Could be. Maybe.

However, go deeper, and what you’ll find within your elaborate make-up is a perfection of unique proportions. You see, you have all quantum physically speaking devised this unique  strategic plan to encapsulate all previous assignments into one, which really means, you’ve prepared for the worst… however, now you are able to expect the best.

‘What’s that you say my dear darling? The worst is over?’

Yes, in a sense it is.

What is happening is this:

The new frequency, which forgiveness, love, and self-value already invoke, are making greater atmospheric impacts upon us all.

We are in a new wave of eternal bliss, being able to allow ourselves to expand, to other continents, to others’ feelings, higher spirits and more.

This means we are more psychic without cause and effect.

We just know….. We just flow….

The surrender is easy.

Ambiguity is not anyone’s fault; however it is each and every one’s prerogative to remain ‘uniformed.’ You always have free choice.

However this time, you’re now in the driver’s seat and you can feel the blessing—instantly!

Virtues are not based on something that has passed. In fact, it’s standing right in front of you—waiting, like a patient dog ready to go out on a walk.

You’re trained, ready, yet still fragile from past homecomings. However know this, everything you’ve ever heralded as valuable, loving and enjoyable is going to be made purposeful, eventual and deliciously attractive from this point on!

You have achieved the correct status.

You have arrived at the right place. You will meet the right people. You are enough.

You have been blessed. You were all along. Only now, it will become evident.

Embrace this new world, for it is yours, made long ago by experts, who have waited a long time to present it to you. Smile. Be grateful, and enjoy this new process of divine perspective.

Soon you will discover, on that certain evening’s gentle sunset, it was you all along who mirrored all of life’s possibilities for each and everyone to see.

Teach. Expand. And allow yourself to uncover the truth of your innate, great brilliance.

Your time is now.


The Angelic Realm

By Cindy Goldenberg, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.