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Money, Power, Success, Financial Freedom… What It Takes To Have It

We are so programmed to react to someone else’s version of success by thinking we must not be doing it right.

Too often, we believe headlines like: “You must have a better landing page,” or “5 Easy Steps to Claim Your Fortune,” or “All you need to do is find a way to make money from doing what you love.” Really? Duh! Does anyone really think that we don’t already know this?!

Here we’ve gone to elaborate lengths to build our websites, practice our pitches, hone in our business skills, take classes, join mastermind groups, do yoga, dance, zumba.. and even meditate. Still, we’re too quick to blame ourselves for our perceived failures. What the hell did we do to deserve such punishment?

I’ll tell you. We bought into the possibility of lack and limitation.

We high-fived the concept of “there’s just not enough to go around.” We believed in struggle, despair and competition. Why? Because we had to in order to survive.

Let’s ponder this for one minute. In order to eat, feed our young and defend ourselves from hungry animals who looked at us as prey, we had to think fast. And it’s a very good thing we did!

So our ability to react helped us to perpetuate the human race? Right. And, it’s true that this part of our brain is embedded in our psyche as well as our intuitive creativity? Okay.

So how come I’m broke, upset, and don’t have any money, a great career or a happy existence?

Because you lost your focus.

Richness, money, compensation and respect are terms that trigger ideas, concepts and emotions. Real ones. Feelings that are buried deep inside. And we are defining what this means. We are making up the rules of “enough” or “not enough,” “good” or “bad,” “possible” or “you gotta be outta your flippin’ mind!”

If we can take a moment to remember that we, as eternal, beautiful, loving spiritual beings, are not of this “limited” world but rather of a collective, rich, understanding, benevolent “unlimited” universe, then we can begin to bridge these two realities.

And, if we can add the intention of receiving this “it’s nothing personal” awareness as a remarkable ability to utilize and draw upon our pure potential, we will then realize that we are part of the pre-determined or “divine” plan.

By stepping into our power and letting go of all preconceived notions that we have to become, accomplish or control something in order to be better and successful, we tap into a neutral yet magnetic, intelligent force.

When we allow a space of forgiveness, self-worth, competence, love and simple value to surround us, synchronistic events and opportunities chase us. By celebrating our willingness to just “want” to overcome our challenges is enough. By understanding that all of our life’s experiences have perfectly prepared us for what we are here to do always benefits others…if only through identical recognition.

Love who you are. Appreciate what you’ve been through. Let go of trying to control your life or others.



Allow yourself to receive. Believe that what you want wants you. And trust in your inevitable, abundant success!

By Cindy Goldenberg, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.