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Podcast: How To Avoid A Shark Attack

Listen Here: The Surf Lady, Veronica Grey, is the founder of SwimWithoutSharks.com, a free water safety resource site. In this podcast, Veronica discusses how to avoid a shark attack! How To Avoid A Shark Attack What are some common misconceptions [...]

How Love For Your Pet Can Extend Your Own Life

Pets extending life. There are numerous case studies about how when a senior adopts a pet, suddenly they have a new lease on life. We hereby share with you some more vital ways of how love for animals increases your own lifespan. This post is [...]

5 Relationship Secrets I Wish I Knew 10 Years Ago

Here are 5 Relationship Secrets I wish I knew 10 Years Ago 1. Don’t change your hair color. Yeah growing up near Hollywood I thought it was cool to be punk rock and have been blue haired to every color of the rainbow, until I learned that [...]

I Want Candy!

Halloween is specially known as harvest season. If you are ecologically minded, here are 5 Ways to Green Your Halloween! 1. Smash those PLASTIC pumpkins. You know, the ones kids carry around to haul candy. Plastic never decomposes and contributes [...]

5 Things To Never Do If You Want To Remain Eternally Youthful

Never use fluoride toothpaste Recent studies show that fluoride does more harm than good. It depresses the nervous system and causes marked apathy. Don’t be shocked – it was years before we learned smoking was bad for us. As [...]