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How Love For Your Pet Can Extend Your Own Life

Pets extending life.

There are numerous case studies about how when a senior adopts a pet, suddenly they have a new lease on life. We hereby share with you some more vital ways of how love for animals increases your own lifespan.

This post is inspired because of my beloved dog Flash. I love Flash so much that when I found out that fluoride is actually poison, and it is in our drinking water that comes out of the tap, we went ahead and spent $$ on a truly good filter for the kitchen sink because we can’t have our dogs drinking poisoned water. Please don’t be so shocked that our water supply is poisoned.*

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this is a fact and there are tons of links on the Internet attesting to this. Hey remember pregnant women in the 1970s smoked cigarettes so sometimes it does take a while for knowledge to catch on. When we first heard the news that fluoride which is also in toothpaste is deadly, we went out of our way to purchase non-fluoride toothpaste but didn’t care so much about the water since we drink sparkling water.

Then we realized that is not cool for our pets to be poisoned!

So off to Walmart to find a good filter. But if you read carefully on the store-bought filters, EACH AND EVERY ONE says “does not keep out fluoride” which just goes to show how pervasive and sneaky fluoride actually is! It must be a reverse osmosis filter. Don’t be fooled by anything store-bought. Seriously. What is scary is people feel protected by a store-bought filter and drink even more of the tap water. Yikes!

General love for animals means you don’t eat them.  Why is this critical? The new statistic is that 1 in 3 Americans will battle some form of cancer during their life and much of this is now attributed to eating meat. ¹

If you are wondering why this fact is not more readily known, guess who funds the commercials you see on TV? A lot of food companies. And they don’t want you to know that meat is carcinogenic. Now that we know this, we also buy vegetarian dog food. Yep it exists and is not significantly pricier.

You may have heard the diet tip that if you eat out, take half of the portion home with you in an effort to cut calories and lose weight. I pretty much share every vegetarian meal with my pet. My love for him keeps me slim and trim! Again, there are numerous studies revealing how reducing caloric content extends life expectancy. ²

Animals love the great outdoors and I spend as much time with Flash outside. The sun and fresh air are invigorating ³ and to be honest, I know if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be outside as much.

In the life altering Ringing Cedars book series by Vladimir  Megre, the protagonist Anastasia suggests sleeping directly underneath the stars on your birthday for untold health benefits. The constellations were aligned a certain way at the moment of your birth and to recharge yourself yearly like this is exactly what I will be doing during mine in two weeks. Of course one can be creative. We are choosing a Yurt in fabulous Ojai, CA.

And remember, if someone wants to show you love, they can begin with your pet!

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