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I Want Candy!

Halloween is specially known as harvest season.

If you are ecologically minded, here are 5 Ways to Green Your Halloween!

1. Smash those PLASTIC pumpkins. You know, the ones kids carry around to haul candy. Plastic never decomposes and contributes to the alarming diagnosis that 25% of our planet’s surface is now garbage landfill – see Pacific-TV.com for more info. Carry around something like a pillow case instead – hey, they haul WAY more candy.

PS if you don’t like to read, these tips were presented on the show “Better Kansas City” and you may watch the 5 minute presentation here.

We love to read but don’t like killing trees so VIVA LA INTERNET for saving trees. Another title for this post could be “I guess the Internet is not a Fad After All.”

2. October is the Humane Society’s rescue a dog month. What could be more productive to the planet than saving the lives of the animals in it? Plus they taste so good, right? Dogs especially. Mmmmmmm…
No? Then go vegetarian. Anyone who has ever owned a pig or a chicken will tell you, they are as interactive and conscious and lovable as dogs.

3. Back to the plastic problem, autumn kicks off ski season so many folks will be using sunscreen and other beauty products to protect themselves against the elements.  Kindly choose those in tubes rather than plastic bottles. If you need an example of a great product check out Melan Sol Sunscreen. The tube is eco friendly and the ingredients all organic – so good you could eat them. That is a great rule of thumb: don’t put anything ON your body if you can’t put it IN your body. Whether you are blessed to ski China Peak or any other resort this autumn, remember that tubing is good off the snow as well.

4. Consider shopping in YOUR OWN CLOSET for your costume. Separate pieces that would never go together in the default world may become the perfect costume, such as putting together pieces from stores like American Apparel. Recycling clothing will make people GREEN with envy at how good you look. Even Angelina Jolie is known to wear thrift store fashions to the red carpet.

5. Finally, when you toss your candy wrappers in the recycling bin, bear in mind that even though it is in the recyclables, if there is a plastic bag lining your bin, the dump will not recycle the contents. They do not open ANY bags that are plastic. So even if you feel you have done your civic duty by recycling, really the only thing that works is no plastic bags in the recycling, or, if you must, line your bins with paper bags, to ensure the contents get recycled.

There you have it – 5 Ways to Green Your Halloween.


Veronica Grey is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.