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5 Things To Never Do If You Want To Remain Eternally Youthful

Never use fluoride toothpaste

Recent studies show that fluoride does more harm than good. It depresses the nervous system and causes marked apathy. Don’t be shocked – it was years before we learned smoking was bad for us. As such there are now numerous flouride-free toothpastes on the market specifically because of the findings. Look out for them.

Never sleep with a pillow

Elevating your head actually ages you. This has to do with the pineal gland. If you remove the pillow you literally will not age as you sleep – as long as your head is equal level with your heart, or even somehow lower than your heart.

Basically the pineal glad works like an hourglass. It senses time passing whenever you are upright. It feels like “sands slipping through the hourglass.” Imagine now you are laying down. Sands cannot slip through the hourglass unless your head is propped up with a pillow. If there is no elevation, no “sands slip through” therefore “time does not pass” for all points and purposes and you do not age.

This is why many doctors such as Dr. Gregory Bendow at the Retreat Doctor’s Hospital in Virginia recommend you sleeping without a pillow, and the use of inversion therapy tables or slightly elevating your bed with bricks where your feet ends up several inches higher than your head. The famous Dr. Daniel Amen has performed literally over 45,000 brain scans to show they are younger after spending time inverted. If you spend 1/3 of your life or 8 hours a day in bed, this tip alone will cause you to age 1/3 slower than everyone else. If you are 60 you will look 40.

Never use chemical anti-perspirants or deodorants

Current tests show that these chemicals are linked to breast cancer. When you sweat in your underarm, your pores are open. If you have placed chemicals there, they seep into your chest via those open pores, thereby contributing to cancer. Buy only natural organic anti-perspirants and deodorants. Rubbing a lemon wedge in your underarm actually does the trick. It lasts longer and you smell fresher, cleaner, natural – not all chemical.

Never buy water or soda in plastic bottles

Those bottles get shipped and sit on shelves for weeks and months. Meanwhile the chemicals that make up the plastic degrade and seep into whatever you are drinking, thereby bringing about disease. This is compounded by the fact that plastic never decomposes and contributes to the horrific diagnosis that 25% of our planet is now a garbage landfill.

Americans buy 2,000,000 plastic bottles of water every five minutes. This does not include soda. According to a 2012 New York Times Article, at this rate of plastic trash, in about 20 years we will be living in a world without coral reefs. Our oceans will then revert back to the primordial sludge it was before creatures walks on land.

Never expose your face to the sun for prolonged periods

Choose natural sunscreens with ingredients so organic you could eat the product! Wear giant sunglasses – the newest ones like Pivothead video recording eyewear even record video in 1080P HD just like any camera. Be safe and a shooter of film or photos at the same time!


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