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Chocolate, Puppies & Dirt Help Avoid Creative Catastrophe

For me they are all linked in their ability to ground my creative fires. You can’t whirl around on the fumes of creative energy all the time. Sooner or later you’ll fly smack into a wall and crash. The graveyard of artists who have is vast. [...]

Live Happily Ever After—Day To Day

Snow White discovered her prince, embraced him and kissed him. Prince Charming swept her off her feet and carried the young maiden to the castle to live happily ever after. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Steve McQueen captured the desperadoes [...]

Podcast: From Average To Amazing In 30 Days

Listen Here: Dr. Drema Dial is a psychologist and life coach based in Austin, TX. The heart of Dr. Dial’s work is to help people challenge their roadblocks and to help them unlearn old habits. Her latest book is Creating the Life You [...]

Podcast: Live Your Best Life Now

Listen Here: Renee Baribeau is known as “The Practical Shaman”.  She is the author of Pearls of Wisdom Thirty Inspirational Ideas To Live Your Best Life Now. Renee’s upcoming book, The Winds of Spirit (Spring 2015) features the “Awakening [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Go Hang A Banana

The world is smoldering toward catastrophic self-destruction, so it’s only sensible that I take a brief moment of clarity to offer this lovely tidbit of advice before the final tragic calamity ignites the end of civilization. If you want to [...]

Podcast: The Art Of Being In The Flow

Listen Here: Lama Tantrapa founded the Academy of Qi Dao that became the first and only school in the world offering professional education in Qigong Coaching. He is author of The Art of Being in the Flow. The Art of Being in the Flow What [...]

What Good Warriors Know About Self-Compassion

If I were to ask you what you can learn from those who are 100-years-old, what would you say? Centenarians, otherwise known as Good Warriors, have seen much in their lifetimes and have learned considerably from their experiences. These men and [...]

Spring Cleaning From The Inside/Out

People get attached to “things.” We tend to hold onto it year after year. We save and stock up on things we don’t know what to do with anymore and often store it in a hidden location; hoarding. Maybe we keep things because they hold precious [...]

How Can We Get The Wisdom To Move Beyond Worry?

Our thoughts might look like a string of what – ifs. What if this or that goes wrong?  Sometimes we think if we worry enough we can prevent a catastrophe event.  While worry may be a hint that there is something you need to take care [...]

Podcast: The Top 10 Ways To Beat Anxiety

Listen Here: Jeremy Bennett is the author of The Power of the Mind: How I Beat OCD, and international professional speaker and expert that travels with his highly praised presentation, The Top 10 Ways to Beat Anxiety. In this podcast Jeremy [...]