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What Good Warriors Know About Self-Compassion

What Good Warriors Know About Self-CompassionIf I were to ask you what you can learn from those who are 100-years-old, what would you say?

Centenarians, otherwise known as Good Warriors, have seen much in their lifetimes and have learned considerably from their experiences. These men and women are self-compassionate as they show love and kindness to themselves.

As they place their burdens on 100-year-old shoulders, they do not worry about their future or fret about their past. Rather, they focus on the present while maintaining their health and close relationships. Moreover, research shows that Centenarians are happy most of the time.

According to the latest studies, Centenarians are less reactive to daily stressors and the decline of financial resources and activities.

Many Good Warriors attempt to delay age associated diseases through a healthy diet and can still maintain a strong hand grip due to physical activity. They keep close social relationships and strong emotional bonds with at least one person; are intellectually stimulated; continue religious activities; and participate in recreational activities.

Further, they report being financially satisfied as they maintain their independence. Research shows that those over the age of 100 actually score low on neuroticism, a personality trait that brings about feelings of anxiety and fearfulness.

Consider this: Life’s burdens – problems and responsibilities – occur throughout the life cycle.

Whether you are a Generation X or a New Boomer, take note of how worried you are as you shoulder your burdens. Peter Pan said, “I won’t grow up. And if it means I must prepare to shoulder burdens with a worried air, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up, not me, not I. Not me! So there!”

In the long run, growing up does not mean you have to shoulder burdens with a worried air. Rather, you can solve your problems by focusing on your strengths and being self-compassionate.

By Barbara Rubel, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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