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Podcast: The Top 10 Ways To Beat Anxiety

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Jeremy Bennett is the author of The Power of the Mind: How I Beat OCD, and international professional speaker and expert that travels with his highly praised presentation, The Top 10 Ways to Beat Anxiety. In this podcast Jeremy reveals what anxiety is, where it comes from and how people can manage their anxiety to live a happier and less stressful life.

The Top 10 Ways To Beat Anxiety

  • What is your presentation, The Top 10 Ways to Beat Anxiety about?
  • What is the biggest misunderstanding we have about anxiety?
  • What do you do day to day to educate people on this subject?
  • What is the biggest mistake related to treating anxiety?
  • What can people suffering with anxiety do right now to help themselves?

Jeremy Bennett travels all over the world giving one of the most unique and creative presentations on the true way to beat anxiety.  If you’d like to book Jeremy please visit his website www.jeremybennett.ca. You can also look him up on Facebook.

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