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Podcast: Think Like A Black Belt

Listen Here: Jim Bouchard is a noted speaker and author of THINK Like a BLACK BELT.  Jim increases productivity and engagement and develops leaders at all levels of your organization from the front lines to the C-Suite, by teaching your people [...]

Podcast: Forget About Getting “Caught Up”

Listen Here: Dr. Meggin McIntosh is known as the PhD of Productivity™. Dr. Meggin knows all about having too much to do and not enough time or energy to get it all done. She realized that instead of being over- or under-whelmed, she and [...]

Podcast: Benefits of Numerology

Listen Here: Tara Ventura is an Intuitive Numerologist, owner of Magical Matrix Consulting, Mentor and Teacher who is passionate about her work to motivate and inspire people to take action based on their gifts and abilities they came into [...]

Podcast: Put More Time On Your Side

Listen Here: Productivity guru, Dr. Jan Yager is a sociologist who is author of five books on time management. Jan has been researching, coaching, and speaking about, time management since the 1980s. Her latest book, Put More Time on Your Side: [...]

Podcast: Learning With The Practical Prof

Listen Here: Dr. Santo D. Marabella is the author of The Practical Prof:  Simple Lessons for Anyone Who Works. The Practical Prof’s mission is to help employees and their employers who are drained of their emotional and motivational [...]

Podcast: Break The Delusion Of Productivity & Double Your Income Fast

Listen Here: Kelly Roach is a Business Growth Strategist and a Time Compression Expert that helps business owners accomplish in months what would otherwise take years. Kelly reveals insight into what they can be doing right now to generate [...]

Podcast: Time Traps That Deplete Your Gung Ho!

Listen Here: Julie Morgenstern is dubbed “queen of putting people’s lives in order” by USA Today, is a professional organizer, productivity consultant and New York Times Bestselling author of several books including Time Management [...]

Podcast: Secrets To Productivity Using Batching

Listen Here: Erica Duran is a published Productivity Expert and Coach with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, consulting large companies & creating several of her own ventures. She provides both virtual and in-person coaching [...]

Podcast: Ignite Your Staff

Listen Here: Dr. Leah Hollis, president of Patricia Berkly LLC and healthy workplace advocate has done extensive research on workplace bullying, harassment and retaliation. Leah serves as a graduate professor in leadership studies, training [...]

Start Your Day With A Winning Image!

We’re not all ‘morning people’…surprised? No, not everyone bounces out of bed ready and raring to go with a smile on their face and in a terrific mood. ‘Morning people’ can’t seem to do it any other way – and I must confess, [...]

Leighton’s Leading Edge: Ramp Up Your Leadership Skills For Spring

Spring is coming. As winter weather patterns continue their drives across the US, it’s hard for us to remember that the cold of Winter will, one day soon (we hope), give way to the warmth of Spring.  Experienced over long periods of time, [...]