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Podcast: Secrets To Productivity Using Batching

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Erica Duran is a published Productivity Expert and Coach with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, consulting large companies & creating several of her own ventures.

She provides both virtual and in-person coaching through her programs, workshops & products and recently designed a new line of professional & personal day planners that she includes in all of her coaching programs.

Erica discusses BATCHING – the second most important concept in productivity.

  1. If batching is the second most important productivity concept, what’s the first?
  2. What exactly is batching?
  3. Why is it critical to improve productivity, especially for entrepreneurs?
  4. What are the most common tasks busy entrepreneurs can batch?
  5. How can our listeners start batching TODAY? What’s the first step?

Please visit Erica’s blog “Life and Business Productivity with Erica Duran” on JenningsWire.com, and be sure to also check out her website www.ericaduran.co to see all of her programs and claim your free productivity audio course “The Top 10 Productivity Secrets for Entrepreneurial Women”.  Organizer®.

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