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Dianne Daniels


Dianne M. Daniels is an irrationally passionate Messenger, coach and author who decided to leverage her years of experience as an Image Consultant and Style Coach in creating her company, The DivaStyle Coach. Her coaching and programs empowered her clients to incorporate their unique personalities, personal motivation and proven image concepts to create actionable, cohesive and customized plans that enabled them to create and manifest the Total Image of their dreams. After a personal health crisis in 2008, Dianne underwent bariatric surgery and lost 85 lbs in 14 months. Hearing the stories of many others in the same situation, Dianne created the Success Beyond Surgery program to help women aged 25 to 65 move past some of the stigma attached to weight loss surgery and literally save their lives. While surgery is not for everyone, it CAN help individuals achieve lasting results that they’ve been unable to achieve on their own. The weight loss is only the beginning, however – showing off those results to the world means incorporating color, style, body frame and more! Dianne’s essential advice is this: “Dream and Plan to create the Vision; Prepare and Take Action to make the Vision a Reality”

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