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Podcast: Think Like A Black Belt

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Podcast: Think Like A Black BeltJim Bouchard is a noted speaker and author of THINK Like a BLACK BELT.  Jim increases productivity and engagement and develops leaders at all levels of your organization from the front lines to the C-Suite, by teaching your people how to THINK Like a BLACK BELT.

Jim’s upcoming book, Sensei Leadership focuses on the rapidly changing demands on leaders today- and how to face those changes with courage, compassion and wisdom.

Think Like A Black Belt

  • Don’t you need to kick and punch to THINK Like a BLACK BELT? Or to actually be one?
  • What is the greatest problem facing business leaders today? How does learning to THINK Like a BLACK BELT address this issue, and others?
  • When you talk about Sensei Leadership- isn’t this really “servant” or “compassionate” leadership?
  • How can the mindset you teach translate directly to dollars and cents for a business? Can you explain how a business is going to get a return on investment from your program?
  • What is the ONE thing people can learn, if they learn how to THINK Like a BLACK BELT, that they can apply most directly in their business- and in their lives?

Jim offers conference and meeting keynotes, and comprehensive training packages that support and enhance your existing employee and executive development program. Improve productivity and engagement, and develop leaders at all levels of your organization…to learn more visit www.thatblackbeltguy.com

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