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Top Secrets To Dating For Marriage

Podcast: Top Secrets To Dating For Marriage

Listen Here: Certified Professional Life Coach  Amy Schoen specializes in helping marriage-minded people create lifelong relationships. She’ll be sharing her secrets to saving time and heartache when you are dating for marriage. Top Secrets [...]
The Secrets to Lasting Love

Podcast: The Secrets to Lasting Love

Listen Here: Bestselling author, Arielle Ford joins us today to discuss her new book, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate, which offers groundbreaking ways to transform your relationship into a deeper, more loving, and more fulfilling lifetime [...]
It Happened To Elvis Presley: Infidelity & Betrayal

It Happened To Elvis Presley: Infidelity & Betrayal

Over the years, one of my friends married a beautiful woman and fathered two boys. He shared his pride with me as they grew to become men. I watched their pictures fill the entire front of his refrigerator. His boys adorned the walls of the [...]
George Clooney: His Birth Order And Marriages

George Clooney: His Birth Order And Marriages

Even George said it was not going to happen but on September 27th 2014, he married again. His bride, Amal Alamuddin, a human rights attorney. Why do people fall in love? Can we predict which marriages will last? These questions can be answered [...]

Podcast: New Science Of Love Saves Individuals, Marriages And Families

Listen Here: Stefan Deutsch is a trained Gestalt Psychotherapist and Founder of  The Human Development Company. He is author of the book, I Know You Love Me and You Know I Love You, which is part of his National Campaign to reduce divorce [...]

Podcast: You’re Divorced NOT DEAD!

Listen Here: Delaine Moore felt the fear that comes with dating after divorce, but put herself back on the market anyway – and at the end of her first year of dating, wrote the memoir, The Secret Sex Life of a Single Mom. Not only has it [...]

Podcast: Harness Your Sexual Energy For Success

Listen Here: Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver are the co-authors of Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy. They have assisted more than ten thousand couples and singles in rekindling and [...]

Valentine’s Day, 1944, And 70 Years Later

For seventy years, their love has increased. Like many young couples of the World War II era, my parents were in love, my dad was in the service, and they both knew he might not return. So on February 14, 1944, Dad proposed and Mom said, “Yes.” [...]

Customizing Your Relationship

One key to avoiding the doldrums in your long-term relationship is to honor its uniqueness. The best relationships are custom jobs, which take the distinctive traits, needs, concerns and idiosyncrasies of each partner into consideration. For [...]

Romantic Volunteer Vacations: A Great Way To Reinvigorate Your Relationship

It’s an age-old challenge: how do couples keep their relationships fresh over the span of many years and the daily routine of everyday life? The best opportunities for couples to get away from the routine are during shared time off, so why [...]

Podcast: Secrets To A Fulfilling Relationship

Listen Here: Dr. Jeffrey Kane is a Marriage Therapist and author of the new ebook The 12 Best Kept Secrets to a Fulfilling Relationship. Ever wonder why so many relationships don’t live up to your expectations? Dr. Kane offers realistic [...]

A Love Letter To My Grandparents

I just returned from a trip to my hometown where I attended my grandfather’s funeral. My incredibly beloved grandpa of ninety died quite suddenly of cancer only two weeks after the diagnosis, leaving behind his soulmate (and I don’t use [...]

Podcast: Creating Your Own Happily Ever After

Listen Here: Mona Wellington is a motivational speaker and life coach whose goal is to promote the empowerment of people by ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to achieve their dreams through the enhancement of their emotional, social, [...]

Do Not Let Your Friends Pressure You Into Getting Married

I have many friends who pressure me to get into a relationship and to get married right away. I believe that getting married because your friends and relatives get on your case is a big mistake. Here are six tips on how I deal with my friends [...]

Men Are Dropping The Wrong Balls

Generally, we men can’t juggle. Oh…unless you count throwing one ball up and down as juggling? As a man I am masterful at doing one thing at a time, but I am not the best at multi-tasking. If you are a woman you already know this (stop [...]

Podcast: 5 Steps To Restoring & Saving Your Marriage

Listen Here: Couples Therapist, Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin, who was so pained by the epidemic of divorce and broken homes, that he became determined to make a bigger impact than he could possibly do by just seeing local clients. His book, The Marriage [...]

Podcast: The End Of Divorce

Listen Here: Tina B. Tessina, PhD, also known as “Dr. Romance”, has been a licensed psychotherapist since 1978.  She is the author of 13 books in 16 languages. Tina’s book, Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three [...]

Unconventional Marriage: The Key To Marital Bliss?

Just because you’re in love with someone doesn’t mean you should marry them. And just because you’re married to someone and connect with him or her emotionally, spiritually, and physically doesn’t mean you can tolerate [...]

Brides-to-Be, Be Sure to Have Wedding Day “Shoes” That Help You Run!

Have you, or any one you’ve known had those proverbial “Cold Feet” before their wedding day? Well, research from Justin Lavner has revealed to LiveScience.com that those pedicured feet may need more than warmth, but rather running shoes. Brides-to-Be [...]