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Think Positive

A Wiser Place To Be

Stress fighter tip: It’s all in our attitude and focus. It’s amazing just how much our attitude affects all we do. Especially when it comes to handling stress in our lives. The chose we make can either make or break us in the situations [...]

Trying Too Hard to Be Healed

As the evening came so did a phone call from our daughter regarding her grandpa who was having chest pains she was concerned about. Fresh out of pacemaker surgery it was alarming to think he might be having further heart problems that needed [...]

Practice What You Preach

Stress fighter tip #8—Practice what you preach! Recently at the church after talking to a lady about issues going on in my life she stopped me long enough to make her first comment. ‘Aren’t you the one who is always talking about how [...]

Erase And Replace

Stress fighter tip #4. Putting in a new tape. Often when buying an electronic CD or cassette player one of the features we like to have is a device that will play the tape over and over again. Something like that may work for our favorite music [...]

Building Our Own Sandwiches

Once when I was in San Francisco with my sister and niece to eat out, we frequently chose Subway sandwiches. I had eaten there many times before but for some reason this one hunger trip to the restaurant was going to be different. As I watched [...]

Moving Forward

Stress fighter tip #3: Don’t quit; keep moving forward. If you think about it stress likes to stop you in your tracks. It can hinder you from making any kind of progress whatsoever. When I was haunted by stress seizures that was exactly what [...]

A Ray Of Sunshine

Stress fighter tip #2: Be thankful in stressful situations. ‘Duck, Karen! Someone just hit the computer screen. Oh that was you.’ One of the hardest things I had to learn when I dealt with my stress seizures was learning how to be thankful [...]

Controlling Our Worries

Stress fighter tip #1: don’t worry. Duh, Karen what a novel idea! How often we have heard, “Well, don’t worry about it”. For some reason we believe it’s our solemn sacred duty to worry about things. We think it will accomplish [...]

Surviving Heroes

The time for the annual breast cancer walk in town was finally here. It would be the 2nd time my family and I attended the ‘Heaven Can Wait’ event. This year we were ready for the event. For months I had been gathering and making pink hats [...]

Fighting A Good Fight

The day was just beginning and it was time to spend some quiet time with my Lord. As I sat in my lift chair I began to think of something I read in the Bible about fighting a good fight. Suddenly out of nowhere tears began to stream down my [...]

It Is Time

The verdict was in. I was handed the key to my cure for my epileptic seizures and all I had to do was conquer the stress in my life. The doctors recommended a psychiatrist but because I was denied the surgery that could do the job quicker, [...]

Life’s Too Short

The diagnosis of my cancer hit hard. The blow it created that disrupted my life flowed into the lives of my husband, daughter, grandchildren, and many more around me. For weeks after we got the news every time my husband and I walked by each [...]