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Moving Forward

Stress fighter tip #3: Don’t quit; keep moving forward.

If you think about it stress likes to stop you in your tracks. It can hinder you from making any kind of progress whatsoever.

When I was haunted by stress seizures that was exactly what it was doing. The more I allowed stress to dominate my life the more stress seizures I had.

There was no moving forward because I was being held back by my own choices to let stress get a grip on me.

When stressful situations happen its hard to wiggle free from its clutches. Even when you do manage to get away it can follow you like a shadow that just won’t detach itself.

No matter how difficult it may be giving up should never be an option. When we give in, no matter how slightly, stress wins. We need to keep moving forward no matter what the pace, slow or fast.

I remember one of my moments of wanting to quit.

Life had me backed into a corner as it laughed in my face with every stomp it took at me. As I stood on my dad’s ranch I told my sister-in-law to watch over my daughter and look after my husband while I walked off into the sunset.

I don’t know what I was thinking but it sounded like a good plan to me. I was quitting and walking out across the BLM desert next to dad’s ranch and never returning was my only option.

Wrong again, Karen. I had a lot more options and I must have known that in my heart as I didn’t get two steps away from my car. For sure I wasn’t going to go “no further” because I was allowing stress to stop me in my tracks. As always the situation passed and life was back to normal.

Stress will always be there crouching at our door and it’s our job to know how to properly handle it.

My stress seizures went away because I learned how to handle my stress during that time, unfortunately my cancer is not going to be as cooperative.

The issue with it is I can still win over it as long as I don’t allow its affects to overtake me. The pain I suffer on a daily basis can stop me from living or I can find a way to live with it. I may have to bite my lip to endure the sharp stabbing pains until my pain medication sinks in but oh well.

Improper behavior is giving in to it. Proper performance is moving forward in spite of how badly it feels like its holding me back. True for me, as well as everyone, is the fact that if we stay held back we lose, if we move forward we win.

Instead of letting stressful situations make that choice for us we need to make the choice for ourselves.

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