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A Wiser Place To Be

Think PositiveStress fighter tip: It’s all in our attitude and focus.

It’s amazing just how much our attitude affects all we do. Especially when it comes to handling stress in our lives. The chose we make can either make or break us in the situations we find ourselves up against. As much as we would like to blame others or situations for our bad attitude we are the ones who make the choice. If we are allowing circumstances or others to determine that decision we have very little control of what God has given us to properly shape and use.

If you think about it it’s interesting to note that we don’t know what attitude we have chosen sometimes until we have found ourselves in the midst of a situation. Then suddenly, good or bad, it comes out. For example, recently when I was talking with my oldest sister she told me she was amazed at how I was handling my diagnosis of cancer. Looking at her in a puzzled way I thought to myself, ‘How else am I supposed to handle it?” Evidently I had chosen the right attitude, the wiser place to be and it was showing in my actions.

The funny thing about choosing the right attitude is it isn’t something we consciously do. I can’t remember a time that I verbally said, “I’m going to choose to have a bad attitude about this situation or a good one.” No, it’s something that comes from within us. Built within us by our focus, beliefs, strengths, and sometimes even our weaknesses. It comes from what we want in life, our values, and how willing we are to fight against those obstacles like cancer, health issues, money problems, relationship struggles, addictions, and so much more.

When someone says, “Oh they have an attitude!” they should mean they have a good attitude or outlook on life but most of the time they are referring to their boldness, arrogance, and defiance. We can change that by the choices we make and what we want our outlook on life to be. Being known for our sassiness and our ability to sound off in an arrogant manner isn’t something we should want to be known for.

One choice of our attitude will get us a lot further than the other when we are up against stress in our lives. If you think it’s the arrogant attitude your wrong. The attitude that is positive, strong in spirit not in a bad attitude, outgoing will get us much further. There is no doubt about it choosing the right one can make or break us. Build us up or tear us down. A better place to focus, a wiser place to be.

What is your attitude? What is your choice?

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