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Practice What You Preach

Stress fighter tip #8—Practice what you preach!

Recently at the church after talking to a lady about issues going on in my life she stopped me long enough to make her first comment. ‘Aren’t you the one who is always talking about how to handle stress?’ ‘Yes, I’m the one,’ I said. Her point to me in her own loving way was to remind me to practice what I preached.

It’s one thing to give pointers to other people on how to do something but it can be totally different when it comes to following our own advice.  It’s like the parent that is constantly telling their kid to calm down and don’t say bad things about other people. Then later they find themselves doing exactly what they told their kids not to.

Easy or not isn’t the point.

Basically we all know what we need to be doing but we need the discipline to follow what is right. Too often when we get into stressful situations all the rules of how to properly handle it goes out the door. We are too stressed not to be stressed is our thinking. It becomes way too easy to bend the rules to fit ourselves when we don’t have something like stress seizures tattling on us to those around us.

Frequently we forget what we do have is our temper to tattle on us, our attitude, and our general behavior to convey the same story. The problem is we can overlook those if there was no medical issue at stake like stress seizures, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcers.

Sometimes you would almost think we like to be stressed out because we do it so frequently.

We like to play the victim because there is more pity and sympathy in that. Wrong attitude! We need to be determined to not allow stress to have a foothold in any areas of our lives. We can reach that goal by choosing to practice what we preach and stand up to those things around us.

It’s really a shame the stress fighting tips aren’t tips on how to eliminate stress from being in our lives but it just doesn’t work that way. Stress causing situations are everywhere. You can’t even go to the grocery store without running into something that can cause stress in your life. The pushy person in the waiting line, the fight at the donut counter for the last maple bar, the last sales item on the shelf that everyone wants. Stress is there, we just need to know how to not allow it to control our lives. A good place to start is to practice what we preach to others and make use of the wisdom God has granted us to use.

After all, getting all stressed out and worried is simply interest paid ahead of time on something long before its even due. Practice what you preach, preach what you practice.

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