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A Holiday Tip: Home Is Where Civility Is…

The holidays can be a fun loving time and a chance to create some beautiful new memories. In contrast, the holidays can be a stressed filled season reminiscent of arguments from the ghosts of Christmas past.  MSN Travel reports that over 100 [...]

A Little Empathy For The Holidays

Our workplaces, public places and even entertainment places are almost under constant siege from frustration, anxiety and the resulting violence against each other. Whether such violence results in micro inequities, little slick comments which [...]

Give Gratitude With Attitude

Creative people are called upon to find ways to make change. After all we’re change makers.  But how do you create the cause and effect that makes a meaningful difference? Use grace in everything you do. This isn’t simple, it’s actually [...]

A ‘Center For Happiness’

Listening to “Happiness Princess” Laura Lavigne feels like participating in an Easter egg hunt. You never know where you might discover the next treasure. You cannot imagine what you might find. She “eggs” you on toward your own riches [...]

To Every Season

“The Autumn Leaves – drift by my window…” As the leaves turn and the temperature drops, is your autumn half full or half empty? I have found through the years there are those who love the fall colors, brisk walks, Oktoberfests, [...]

Celebrate Each Day Like It’s Thanksgiving!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away. Why not celebrate each day as Thanksgiving by living with the spirit of the day? Why not live each day appreciating what we have [...]


“Celebrate!” I used to hate this time of the year because I didn’t WANT to celebrate, I didn’t believe in ANYTHING and all the people who put up obnoxious decorations and sang carols made me hate the season even more! Then [...]

10 Holiday Security Tips

Christmas trees, mistletoe, candy canes, turkey and stuffing bring out scammers, phishers, burglars and identity thieves. I’m not purposefully trying to be a Grinch here, but I’m just reminding you that good times, unfortunately, bring out [...]

Podcast: How To Handle Holiday Firsts

Listen Here: Family therapist Carleton Kendrick is a licensed psychotherapist, noted national speaker, broadcast commentator and author of Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We’re Going to Grandma’s: Hanging In, Holding On and Letting [...]

Ring In The Holidays With Your Unique Musical Inspiration

Ring in the holidays as you ring out the old. This festive time of year includes parties, or celebrating quietly or the enjoyment of listening to some fabulously uplifting music. Whether you’re more introverted or not, music has many benefits [...]

Angels On The Streets

During the Great Depression a Christmas mystery occurred in my hometown of Canton, Ohio. A local business man, using the name of B.Virdot, placed a tiny advertisement in The Canton Repository offering those in need an opportunity for financial [...]

Holiday Season No-No’s, Limits And Gifts For Introverts And Extroverts To Mix

Mixing the introvert in you and the extrovert in others for the holidays doesn’t have to be contradictory. No way! Remember: it’s a matter of managing our energy that is different. We introverts are just as social, celebratory and [...]

Peace On Earth: Peace In Your Home This Holiday Season

Families are not perfect The holiday season seems to underscore this fact: putting adults fuelled by eggnog in close quarters over a stretch of time are the perfect ingredients for bringing out the worst in us.  So how do you bring peace into [...]

Avoid the Holiday Blues

For some people, the holidays aren’t a time of family, happiness, cheer, and feasting. It’s a time of depression, isolation, and headaches. If you are one of the people who have more anxiety than joy at this time of year, what can you do [...]

You Can’t BUY INTO Christmas!

Oh yes….soon, perhaps too soon after Halloween, society is literally pushed into Christmas! Sigh! One can’t even catch their breath between Halloween and Thanksgiving before the same old 12 songs are on the radio, and all of the retailers [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Share Some Time, Beer and/or Pie with Your Mother-in-law

Unless your mother-in-law is a convicted felon or a pole dancer at the Kit Kat Klub, you should try and spend quality one-on-one time with her. After all, she raised the person you married. If she lives far away, keep in contact with letters, [...]

The Midlife Sage Says: Avoid The Platitude About Gratitude

Feeling guilty because your Thanksgiving experience never resembles the Norman Rockwell painting of a happy family gathered around a lovely table as Grandma in her white apron proudly delivers a perfect turkey? Instead, does your feast often [...]