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Give Gratitude With Attitude

Give Gratitude With AttitudeCreative people are called upon to find ways to make change.

After all we’re change makers.  But how do you create the cause and effect that makes a meaningful difference?

Use grace in everything you do.

This isn’t simple, it’s actually a hard task to master. By modeling a gracious attitude you’ll help people find better solutions to problems because they’ll likely follow your lead and look for commonalities instead of opposing differences.  Judgments may need to be put aside to do this, but the results are amazing. Since creative types are known has visionaries you have the influence to set the tone.

This leads to the next point – attitude. It matters a lot. It may be the most important part of the formula for change. It speaks to expectation in fact it may yell at it from time to time. The very approach you take may determine the exact outcome you achieve. There’s enormous power in this knowledge. If you create you probably understand some things about this phenomena. Make it work for you.

Putting it all in action:

Focus on how you can be gracious with your time. How do you spend it with other people? Are you available to really listen to them? Giving someone your attention for a few moments makes them feel alive and cared about.

What actual actions are you making? Are you following up to say thanks? Are you showing up on time? Do you apologize? Do you know when you need to? Do you take an extra moment to be considerate of those people around you? You could give someone else your spot in line, or that up front parking space. Little acts of kind giving make a really big impact. There’s a saying called walk your talk, are you about what you say you are?

Being a creative person gives you certain opportunities, but also responsibilities.

Use them both to make a smart difference. When you speak with people make sure to listen more than you talk.  Use your keen power of observation to understand what is not spoken, then give it a voice so it can be heard. If your attitude is gracious you’ll open the discussion for other unsaid ideas and the conversation becomes rich with opportunity.

If you have the opportunity to create you might as well make it a great creation. If you’re called upon to inspire take full advantage of your creative power to give with gratitude through your attitude.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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