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Ring In The Holidays With Your Unique Musical Inspiration

Ring in the holidays as you ring out the old.

This festive time of year includes parties, or celebrating quietly or the enjoyment of listening to some fabulously uplifting music.

Whether you’re more introverted or not, music has many benefits including: it inspires, is linked to improved mental health, and helps minimize stress.

Music crosses over introversion or extroversion preferences. From my experience with my husband’s listening desires, his all out extroverted tendencies guide him to choose music that is loud, meaningful, and upbeat, although often, quite mellow. I like all this except only occasionally, loud. The softer and more in the background the better for me. In my top three tunes here, I’d say it’s just the first tune that reveals a piece of the inner me not caring about the way anyone assesses it. You might even agree there is no resisting it loud! With dancing.

Just as the too familiar holiday song Auld Lang Syne does, there are many tunes that carry the spirit of what’s ahead.

With all of music’s benefits it is so worth it to take time to ring in the holidays with musical inspiration. Here are a few to consider for your listening pleasure.

When I think of the holidays, the Kool and the Gang song, “Celebration” comes top of mind. I just love the beat of that tune. Taking it from the top they sing, “Celebrate good times, come on!” That’s quickly followed up with the words that give you that feeling for the entire year, “There’s a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the years.” What a thought have at the time of your mind each day. It’s certainly a song to consider getting each morning started.  Can’t you just feel the beat now thinking about it? Let the tune and it’s words stay top of mind.

Maybe you are already celebrating!

What you most want is more of a sense of heart-warming hope. Hope heals; it energizes and can keep us motivated when obstacles get in our way. One of the most powerful results of living with hope is it makes us stronger when we can look ahead knowing it’s there with us. Listen to Charlie Hall sing “New Year” and you’ll find hope quickly for the new year.

If you hope or think to be carried forward with some nostalgia of the 1940s then some inspiration from Bing Crosby would make the musical ringing in of the year complete. As his voice sings, “Let’s Start the New Year Right,” let the words sweep you forward giving you the same mellowness feeling as his voice does sound. The lyrics are direct about bringing in the new and saying good-bye to the old. Yes; the song is about love with a reminder, “Let’s watch the old year die, With a fond good-bye, And our hopes as high, As a kite.” This song has got to be one of those where the entire presentation of it, maybe only by Bing himself, will take you into the New Year virtually stress free.

There are likely as many songs to be inspired by as there are people.

For my introvert fellow souls, and extroverts alike, there is no dismissing that music is quite personal. And since there is only one you, my guess is your list might be different. What tunes do you ring in the new year with?

Best wishes for happiness through out the year for you.

By Patricia Weber, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.