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Podcast: How To Handle Holiday Firsts

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Family therapist Carleton Kendrick is a licensed psychotherapist, noted national speaker, broadcast commentator and author of Take Out Your Nose Ring, Honey, We’re Going to Grandma’s: Hanging In, Holding On and Letting Go of Your Teen.

Carleton shares how we can deal with the challenges that come with the first holiday season after divorce, a death in the family or other life changes.

How To Handle Holiday Firsts

  • Should I talk to my young children about grandma’s death and her not being here at holiday time? I don’t want to make them sad on the holidays.
  • What should I say to my child as I send her off to be with my ex on her first holiday when we are not celebrating it as a family?
  • Will celebrating both our families’ religious and ethnic traditions during the holidays confuse our children or worse, make them feel uncomfortable and not normal?
  • I’m recently single with no children and I’m lost as to how, with whom or even if I should try to celebrate this holiday.

To find out more about Carleton Kendrick, and how to enlist him for speaking engagements, coaching and consulting, email him at Carletonwk@aol.com.

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