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A Financial Secret, Or The Rule Of 59

The first day of class It is Monday, the first day of school and the eighth grade sociology teacher walks into class and puts his name on the blackboard and next to it the number 59 with a circle around it. He then proceeds to tell his class [...]
Why Schools Have Learning All Wrong

Podcast: Why Schools Have Learning All Wrong

Listen Here: Jerry Mintz is the founder of Alternative Education Resource Organization – AERO, an organization that is trying to change education around the world. Jerry has many years of experience as a teacher, author, broadcaster [...]
Want Your Child Happy at School?

Want Your Child Happy at School?

With kids returning back to school soon, parents want to make sure their children have the best possible setting to learn and succeed. Present-day studies indicate that happiness affects personal mental and physical health as well as productivity. We [...]

Podcast: Mindful Strategies For Teachers

Listen Here: Educational Leader, Lee Guerette, is the author of Cognitive Yoga: Mindful Strategies for Teachers, who has 25 years of teaching experience and coaches educators in how to create an empowered learning environment for their students. Mindful [...]

Dear Old Golden Rule Days

We “oldsters” all remember the ditty, “School days, school, days, dear old Golden Rule days…readin’ and writin’ and ‘rithmatic; taught to the tune of a hickory stick! Oh the times, they are a changin’! First [...]

Podcast: Building Global Competence and Your Career

Listen Here: Dr. Ellen McMahon is the Dean of the faculty and degree programs at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, a private nonprofit graduate school with students at an average age of 40. In this podcast, Dr. McMahon discusses how [...]

Podcast: Happy Healthy Gut

Listen Here: Jennifer Browne is an advocate for nutrition education and digestive disorder cessation. She is passionate about promoting clean, “wholistic” food practices and avoiding the slew of “non-foods” that make up our current [...]

Podcast: How To Help Education Elementary School English Language Leaners

Listen Here: Dorit Sasson, is an educator, story mentor and writer who specializes in English as a second language instruction. Dorit is also the author of two books to be released in early fall.  Dorit’s new books are Speaking and Writing [...]

Targeting Fear In Parents For Profit

I saw a very disturbing commercial on television today. I actually had to check to see if I was dreaming or not because this commercial was simply so unbelievable, so pathetic, so not what Americans needs for its children today, that a Reality [...]

Journalism Degree: Priceless

Had my mother known that zoologists would be able to pay back their student loans faster than journalists, I might be wearing a beige Safari hat and managing the Reptile House today. The kids would have liked that growing up, getting to feed [...]

Podcast: Guiding Military Parents In School Choice

Listen Here: Frederick Birkett Ed.M is a Professor at the University of Hawaii’s College of Education and author of The Military Parent’s Guide to Public, Private, and Charter Schools. This podcast discusses the unique circumstances affecting [...]

“Help, My Child Is Drowning In Worksheets”

I recently met parents of a kindergarten child named Cameron who is showing all of the signs of early school struggling. As parents will often do, they brought in sample of the child’s work.  They showed me worksheets that Cameron has had [...]

Help Wanted – Online Professor Jobs In 2013

Step On A Lego This Year, Anyone? Ouch! While we are busy storing away holiday decorations and moving kids toys from the living room to their bedrooms, in the back of our minds we are often thinking, “what do we want to do this year that [...]

“Go Up To Your Room and Start Your Work”

How many households in America each night hear the refrain, “Go up to your room and start your homework”? Recognizing that each household is set up differently, it is hard to make generalizations about how and where a child should be doing [...]

Online Schools: A Safe Alternative to Brick-and-Mortar Universities?

Online education We cannot turn on the news today without hearing something about an industry that went relatively unnoticed just a few years ago – online education. Online education, and specifically the for-profit education sector, has become [...]

Spicin’ it Up: Back To School

A speaking event I was the keynote speaker this past week for the 1200 or so teachers and staff of the Hazelwood School District here in St. Louis. I hadn’t been there for several years and had forgotten how huge it is. I also know I am getting [...]

Getting Beyond the IQ Score

More than IQ score When I do testing one of my least favorite questions that I inevitably get is, “So what’s his/her IQ?” In previous blogs, I have tried to illustrate how the IQ can hold a child hostage to not receiving services he/she [...]

The Future of Education

Will MOOCs will replace “traditional” online universities? This blog entry is based off of a relatively heated Yahoo Forum discussion about what adjuncts and the for-profit education sector can expect as a result of the Massive [...]