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Podcast: How To Help Education Elementary School English Language Leaners

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Dorit Sasson, is an educator, story mentor and writer who specializes in English as a second language instruction. Dorit is also the author of two books to be released in early fall.  Dorit’s new books are Speaking and Writing for English Language Learners: Collaborative Teaching for Greater Success with K-6 and Listening and Reading for English Language Learners: Collaborative Teaching for Greater Success with K-6 

In this podcast, Dorit Sasson discusses why it is critical for elementary school children who have English as a second language to avoid instructional gaps due to the lauguage barrier and how to accomplish this.

How To Educate Elementary School English Language Learners

  • Do you find that the elementary school years are critical for students who are English Language Learners?
  • What obstacles do educators face while teaching ESL classes?
  • What do parents need to know about their children’s instruction as an English Language Learner?
  • How can parents support their kids while learning English?
  • What can schools do to better prepare teachers?

 To learn more about Dorit Sasson, an educator, speaker, and story mentor, along with her books, please visit DoritSasson.com and GivingVoiceToVoicelessBook.com.

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