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A Holiday Tip: Home Is Where Civility Is…

The holidays can be a fun loving time and a chance to create some beautiful new memories. In contrast, the holidays can be a stressed filled season reminiscent of arguments from the ghosts of Christmas past.  MSN Travel reports that over 100 [...]


It’s the HOLIDAY season time and according to statistics, 15% of you will be attending parties where there is out of control/bad behavior at the parties. Oh yes.. we’ve all seen the executive who got a bit toasted or the young buck [...]

How To Propose On Christmas Eve . . .

How To Propose On Christmas Eve! What are some great ways to propose on Christmas Eve? Should it be romantic, fun, or adventurous? JenningsWire asked relationship experts to share their ideas on how to make your marriage proposal special this [...]

Ways To Help Others Banish The Holiday Blues

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday has passed and hopefully we all survived. Carols don the airwaves. Tree lots miraculous sprouted, and even if you live in a sunny California, as I do, you get frosted trees—bringing at least the [...]

Should I Arrive At The Party A Little Tipsy? Crash Course In Holiday Etiquette!

Holiday Blunder Trouble? Oops, was I supposed to bring a Hostess gift? Oh no, she just gave me a gift and I did not get one for her (ahhhhhhhh!) Sorry I’m late, did you start the dinner party without me? Ohhhh, I didn’t know Poinsettias [...]

The Perfect Office Holiday Cookie (They’ll LOVE ‘Em, Recipe Inside!)

Here’s how it works every year. Sometime around Thanksgiving, the office starts to wonder when their favorite holiday cookies will arrive .  Every now and then you can hear a voice in the background saying, “I wonder when the Russian [...]

Surviving The Holiday’s Without Killing One Another!

Although this is supposed to be the “best time of the year,” many couples end up dealing with more relationship problems than usual. The number one reason this occurs is due to the frenetic energy and stress placed on us during this [...]

Holiday Family Drama, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Got Family Holiday Drama? Some families suffer from it around the holidays whether it is old family baggage or a cramped house with company during the holidays. It’s much easier said than done for everyone to “just get along.” But, this [...]

Christmas: Party of One

As Woody Allen once said, “Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” That pretty much sums up Christmas for me. If I don’t have a good partner (and I don’t [...]

I’ll be Thankful When I’m Happy This Holiday Season

I’ve got news for you – if you think you’ll be super grateful when you are happy, you may be waiting a long time! We’re notorious for thinking a visit from a special person, gifts under the tree, good skiing weather, lots of fabulous [...]

How To Have An Amazing Christmas!

There is no question that consumerism has made a significant part of Christmas all about shopping and that is ok, but how memorable have your holidays really been? Would you like to change all of that with a meaningful shift? If so, read on [...]

Whistling A Tune

What is your favorite song during the Christmas season? Could it be the well known Christmas Song from Nat King Cole or Hark The Harold Angels Sing?  No matter what the song may be, it brings a certain feeling to the Christmas season.  Even [...]

Work The Mistletoe!

From the earliest times mistletoe has been one of the most magical, mysterious, and sacred plants of European folklore. It was considered to have life giving powers, fertility, protection against poison, and an aphrodisiac. Kissing under the [...]

Don’t Throw Mama From The Train & Other Holiday Survival Tips

The holiday season is upon us and the craziness has just begun. There’s a ways to go before we hit the New Year running.  Why not sit back and enjoy the show this year? JenningsWire queried lots of experts for their Holiday survival [...]

Tips To Be Happy For The Holidays (Experts Tell, Plus See Annie’s CLUTCH TIP!)

Well, it has certainly been a tough year for many. Lots of things to worry about.  But what if we could have a Happy Holiday?  No way, you say?  There’s simply too much to do and to worry about. “Exactly,” says Annie Jennings, creator [...]

Be Happy Over The Holidays, Dealing With Emotional Vampires & Nightmare TO DO Lists…

You say it every year.  I am not going to overspend.  I am not going to overeat. I am not going to feel guilty because I did not buy enough . . . But you wind up doing it all anyway. And it gets worse.  You can’t hide from the Holiday [...]

A Christmas Story: The One

The search begins. Deep within the isles of a vast toy store, a mom frantically searches for the right one, the one that will bring joy to her little girl and the one everyone else is searching for. She digs and looks and moves and lifts and [...]

You Can’t BUY INTO Christmas!

Oh yes….soon, perhaps too soon after Halloween, society is literally pushed into Christmas! Sigh! One can’t even catch their breath between Halloween and Thanksgiving before the same old 12 songs are on the radio, and all of the retailers [...]