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Surviving The Holiday’s Without Killing One Another!

Although this is supposed to be the “best time of the year,” many couples end up dealing with more relationship problems than usual.

The number one reason this occurs is due to the frenetic energy and stress placed on us during this season. We are not only expected to live our normally busy lives, but added to the mix is the pandemonium of gift-giving, holiday parties, family gatherings, charity giving, being sure not to forget anyone, and making our homes look holiday perfect. Let us also not forget those inevitable January credit card bills looming in the air.

Sound familiar?

So how can you survive the holidays without harming or losing your relationship?

It’s Simple! It takes one good solid tool to keep your relationship functioning well and that is what I like to call the “team-centered” approach.

To further explain, when athletes play a team sport, they call upon the team bond to utilize each player’s strengths while covering their weaknesses. This working together is what gets the entire team to the ultimate goal of winning.

By applying this tool, you will have one amazing winning relationship.

This remarkable tool, teaches couples how to shift from dividing and blaming to uniting and supporting one another. For example, instead of becoming angry at one another for spending too much money on gifts, the couple works together to set a reasonable budget for gift giving. Each partner feels he or she has an equal responsibility of keeping the budget because after all, it is his or her team.

The only catch here is that both parties must be willing participants to make this work. If you only have one partner willing to work as a team and the other insistent on being a dictator, relationship problems will ensue. However, if both people stand strong and decide to commit to being and acting as one team to get through the holidays in one piece, it works wonders!

I use this tool with the couples I work with who are having relationship problems and are needing help. It never fails to shift a once dysfunctional relationship into a smooth operating one!

This year skip the yelling, fighting, and hurt feelings and in its place decide to make this season truly joyful by being a “team centered” couple. Your partner and your relationship will thank you for it!

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