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It’s the HOLIDAY season time and according to statistics, 15% of you will be attending parties where there is out of control/bad behavior at the parties.

Oh yes.. we’ve all seen the executive who got a bit toasted or the young buck flirting with his more senior female boss, so lets just get it out there and talk about it BEFORE it happens.

Some quick Holiday Party DON’TS:

1. Don’t dress in a way so no one can look at anything else but your body part you’re showing too much of.

2. Don’t have more than 2 drinks if you want to make a good impression on everyone.

3. Don’t flirt with anyone that tomorrow you’ll be regretting it.

4. Don’t get too hands on.. you know what I mean.

5. Don’t get into serious business conversation. The intention is to have FUN.

DO these things:

1. Prepare by knowing who will be there and check out their Linked in Profile before arriving.

2. Greet your host and thank them when you leave.

3. Bring a gift for your host even if it’s at your boss’ house.

4. Remember who you came with, and if it’s your spouse, make sure they’re also having a good time.

5. Have a great time, network by showing interest in others and make others feel good this Holiday Season.

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