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Podcast: The Value Of Volunteer On Your Job Search

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Lynda Zugec is the Managing Director of Crossing the Globe, a non-profit organization that provides leadership development and work experience for students and young professionals globally. In this podcast, Lynda discusses the value of volunteer experience in your job search.

The Value Of Volunteer On Your Job Search

  • How do HR/hiring managers view volunteer experience on a resume, especially next to paid work positions?
  • Should students always include volunteer experience on a resume, or only if it directly relates to the position they are applying for?
  • Should people format their resumes chronologically or by skills?
  • Is it necessary to section the volunteer work into a “volunteer work” section?
  • Is it possible to create your own volunteer opportunity at a company?

If you are interested in developing your leadership skills and gaining relevant and exciting work experience within your field, visit www.CrossingTheGlobe.org. You can also learn a little bit more about the activities at Crossing the Globe by ‘liking’ them on Facebook.

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