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Davina Douthard

Davina Douthard is the CEO and founder of Davina Douthard, Inc. (DDI) which has built a solid reputation as a leading image management firm specializing in consulting for the entertainment, sports, and corporate world. DDI's primary objectives are to assist clients in achieving success through image management, which includes employing various personal and professional development techniques, public relations and marketing strategies to assist our clients achieve success. It is known for its services marked under the brands The Image Cartel, Polishing The Professional and Mass Appeal.

Posts by Davina Douthard:

  • Podcast: The Job Search Buddy

  • March 12th, 2014
    Listen Here: Davina Douthard is the CEO and founder of Polishing the Professional, a career center providing professional development, personal branding and career placement service. She is author of The Job Search [...]