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Podcast: The Job Search Buddy

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Davina Douthard is the CEO and founder of Polishing the Professional, a career center providing professional development, personal branding and career placement service. She is author of The Job Search Buddy, a handy pocket guide that serves as a companion for job seekers to give them that extra help needed to get through the arduous process of finding work.

The Job Search Buddy 

  • Why did you write The Job Search Buddy?
  • What does the book feature?
  • What sort of job seekers will benefit from purchasing this book?
  • Where are job seekers making their biggest mistake?
  • What other products do you have that helps job seekers successfully integrate and excel in the workforce?

If you’re in the Los Angeles Area, you can attend one of Polishing The Professional’s trainings, seminars, or get one-on-one consultations. However, the company will travel to your city to conduct trainings for you, your company, or group. If you want to order a copy of The Job Search Buddy, you can call (310) 540-5120 x 1.

You can find more information on Davina Douthard on her website at www.polishingtheprofessional.com

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