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Up & Coming Bridal Websites To Watch & Bookmark

Bridal Consultant Chamein Canton, is always on the lookout for new and useful bridal websites and she likes these two.  Here’s why! In addition to all the shows, I had an opportunity to meet with up and coming bridal e-publishers and [...]

Conversations With The Tuesday Night Girls: With This Jaguar, I Thee Wed

A tradition that is quickly disappearing is the church wedding. It has become ever so much more popular to have the wedding at the same venue as the reception.  Certain faiths have done this for decades while others are just catching on. It’s [...]

As Wedding Magazines & Bridal Designers/Companies Compete Is The Answer Right Under Their Nose?

News flash: the plus-size shopper is an aspirational shopper, too. This isn’t new information to the majority of women in the US who wear a size a size 14. However, we are often at the back of the fashion bus. Manufacturers and designers would [...]

Down That Aisle: The Bridal Concierge

You don’t have to be the perfect size to find romance or the perfect wedding gown. Of the 2.4 million weddings in 2011 approximately 36% brides were considered curvy (sizes 12, 14 16 and up). The number is expected to increase in the next [...]