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Down That Aisle: The Bridal Concierge

You don’t have to be the perfect size to find romance or the perfect wedding gown.

Of the 2.4 million weddings in 2011 approximately 36% brides were considered curvy (sizes 12, 14 16 and up). The number is expected to increase in the next three years to about 39%. While the fashion industry has made some strides towards producing fashion forward clothing above a size 10, the bridal industry has been slow to follow.

In December of 2012 Down That Aisle! The Definitive Guide For Curvy Brides (WindRiver Publishing) was released. Sheri Collins, and Chamein Canton have launched Down That Aisle, The Bridal Concierge Studio where brides, especially curvy brides will have the opportunity to consult on a one to one basis about their wedding style.

Just as Hollywood prepares for the Oscars, stars hire personal stylists to secure dress options to look their best on the red carpet while flashbulbs pops and cameras scan every detail of their dress.

While a wedding isn’t a Hollywood award event, it’s just as important to the bride to be.

It’s her red carpet and she wants to walk down in style. Therefore it is of the utmost importance for her to choose the defining look of her life, her wedding gown.

Together author/wedding consultant Chamein Canton and curvy stylist and fashion blogger Sheri Collins will help allay bride’s fears and anxieties to give her the confidence to say yes to the right dress.

The keys to being a beautiful brides doesn’t begin with fabric, crystals or even bridal magazines. It begins in the mirror. A woman must learn to love her body and curves with the same enthusiasm  as her beloved.

We help to shifts her mindset from “flaws to fashion” and let romance inspire her wedding style.

We want her to get inspired by her favorite celebrities from the golden age of Hollywood to today’s young starlets and translate elements of their style to her wedding day.

Bridal Concierge Philosophy

“Weddings don’t begin at the altar, it starts when a boy meets a curvy girl and their storybook romance begins.”-Chamein Canton, Wedding & Romance Author 

 “There are so many different brands of style. The hardest part is helping my clients embrace it. Women with curves sometimes focus on their flaws more than the fashion.”-Sheri Collins, The Curvy Stylist

For more information contact us at chamein@chamein.com or sheri@everybodywearsshoes.com, or Tweet us at @curvyconcierge.

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