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Conversations with The Tuesday Night Girls: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

For Cara, it’s leaving lights on in an empty room; for Mootsie, it’s finding discarded socks and shoes leaving a trail behind where others’ feet have traveled. For me, it had always been technology.  You love it except for [...]

Podcast: Learn To Pack Like A Pro

Listen Here: Alexandra Jimenez has been to 37 countries on 6 continents, since quitting her corporate job in the fashion industry in 2008. As a full time traveler and chronic overpacker, she was frustrated by the lack of travel resources available [...]

Podcast: Adventure Redefined: When You Can’t Go, Bring The Perks Of Travel Home

Listen Here: Sam Sudano is a writer, traveler and entrepreneur who toured more than 15 countries on her own as a college graduate. She later launched a company that appeals to her passion – Nashville Running Tours – where she [...]

Podcast: Upgrade Your Travel On The Cheap

Listen Here: Jeanne Hoffman is the co-founder and editor of HeelsFirstTravel.com. She’s spent years taking advantage of great travel deals and now shares these secrets with others on the blog. She’s here to share some easy steps [...]

Podcast: Get More Out Of Your Tours While Traveling

Listen Here: Kyle Hall is the founder of Scolastica Tours, where literature is used as a base for tours of Italy, going beyond “photo-tourism” to give tourists a more rewarding experience. Get More Out Of Your Tours While Traveling What [...]

How I Reduced My Anxieties Of Traveling To A New Place

This summer, I went to the beach for my vacation. I found that getting everything ready and getting to the beach can cause a lot of stress. As a result, here is a list of ideas I came up to reduce the anxieties of traveling to a new place. The [...]

Podcast: WHOA Travel – Women High On Adventure

Listen Here: Danielle Thornton and Allison Fleece are Professional Adventurers, who after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, were inspired to create a community that made high adventures accessible to more women around the world. So they did. WHOA [...]

Podcast: Travel The World On Less Money!

Listen Here: From staying in yurts with locals in Mongolia to travelling across Russia by train to living in Japan for four years, travel writer and blogger, Jamie Rockers, has seen over fifty countries. Jaime shares how to let go and TRAVEL. [...]

Traveling With Children

Independence, freedom, and risk. I have traveled to over fifty countries in the past twenty years, a point of pride that came from choosing an alternative lifestyle– one of independence, freedom, and risk. These qualities have always been [...]