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Podcast: Travel The World On Less Money!

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From staying in yurts with locals in Mongolia to travelling across Russia by train to living in Japan for four years, travel writer and blogger, Jamie Rockers, has seen over fifty countries. Jaime shares how to let go and TRAVEL. You can live life to the fullest – even on a budget!

Jamie is a serial traveler who recently returned from a three-month trip through Africa that she details in her new book, Savannahs and Sunsets: An African Overland Adventure. Jamie says that traveling makes people more tolerant, more open-minded, more connected to the world, as well as provides an unparalleled opportunity for enhanced personal growth.

Travel the world on less money.

  • Do most people have a secret wish to travel the world?
  • How can people live an international lifestyle on less money?
  • What do mean you chose to live a life of unknown possibilities?
  • What is the #1 reason everyone should travel, even a little?
  • What’s a good, cheap way to travel? Is it couch-surfing? What’s that?

To find out more about Jamie Rockers, her travel photography, blogs, and her new book, Savannahs & Sunsets: An African Overland Adventure which is being published on Amazon.com as well as upcoming books, please visit JamieRockers.com.

You can also follow Jamie on twitter @jlrocker and visit her Savannahs & Sunsets Facebook page for travel tips, news, and blog posts.

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