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Mothers Against Text Messaging

Okay, you’ve heard about MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) but have you heard of MATM (Mothers Against Text Messaging)? Okay, it doesn’t exist yet, but the driving laws are totally against driving and texting, but how many people [...]

Conversations With The Tuesday Night Girls: Alphabet Soup

Texting. These days, everyone does it, unless they are on an airplane.  Even church pews and movie theaters are not exempt from the buzzing and dinging of text message notifications. Of course I have the usual etiquette complaints such as texting [...]

“SEXT” Time, You May Not Be So Lucky!

IPhone 5 The “newest, best-ever, state-of-the-art” cell phone just came out.  The I-Phone V.  Does your teen want it?  Have it?  Beg you for it?  My guess is yes!  Seems like every month or so, the “newest and best cell phone” [...]

Is Text Messaging Creating A Social Communication Misfit Generation?

Compromising communication Let me be the first to say, well at least one of the first to say that I called this a couple of years ago when texting first started becoming popular, “There is going to come a time when communication skills [...]

A Phone Call is Worth More than Words

I know texting, emailing and social media is the way everyone communicates today. The internet has put us all in touch in an instant making it easier to organize our life, share a joke, or keep in touch with people you wouldn’t ordinarily [...]