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“SEXT” Time, You May Not Be So Lucky!

IPhone 5

The “newest, best-ever, state-of-the-art” cell phone just came out.  The I-Phone V.  Does your teen want it?  Have it?  Beg you for it?  My guess is yes!  Seems like every month or so, the “newest and best cell phone” that comes out causes great enthusiasm among many, and especially teens.

leo battenhausen, jenningswire, annie jennings prThe more these phones can do the more they are wanted. Well I ask…What’s the big deal?  The “Big Deal” is something all parents must know.  In fact, if your teen has any cell phone that allows pictures to be “sent,” you must know.

Let’s start with “Sexting.”  What is it?  Like “texting,” it is a message sent from one cell phone to another.  However….the “message” in sexting consists of a fully or partially nude photograph of the sender to the receiver.  (Is my teen doing that?)  Mr. or Ms. “Parent,” you better find out.

And here’s why…

A recent study of 1,800 Los Angeles high school students reported that “one in seven has.”  This report from The Week Magazine is startling as well as frightening!  The report also found that those teens who have “sexted,” are seven more times likely to be sexually active.  So what?  “All teens are sexually active…”  True!  However, understand this:  The teens who do “sext” are more likely to be girls (*GASP!) AND also more likely to have “unprotected sex, sleep with multiple partners and use drugs and alcohol before having intercourse.”

What is happening to our youth?  Are parents watching?  Involved?  Awake?  Hello?!

It doesn’t even appear enough that girls’ ex-boyfriends’ posting their exposed pictures all over cyberspace!  Eric Rice from the University of Southern California told Rueters.com.  “There is an amazing sense of normalcy around sexting behavior.”

So there is clearly a link between “sexting” and taking risks with your body (especially for teen girls!).  STD’s still exist and….oh yes…..that “pregnancy thing” can also happen!!

I’ve long been an adversary to electronic communication.

In trying to “step up to the 21st Century,” I get the need, and go along with it…..but!  Do our children really need “State-of-the-Art” cell phones?  Do they really need picture capability??  The answer seems to be a resounding “No!”  In fact, it appears they need much less than that!  What are we encouraging by allowing our children to have such technology?

Many of my clients feel the “need” for their children to have cell phones for various reasons…emergencies, rides home, etc., but that does not negate the need for picture-taking, does it?  Statistics never lie!  Do your children a favor!  restrict their technological “needs” or they very well may not have a “Sext Time.”


Leo Battenhausen is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.