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Public Speaking: The Next Generation

Public Speaking: The Next Generation

Considering the brain-rotting influence of text messaging, video games and TV in all its current incarnations, I thought I might have to enter the 5th grade classroom on Career Day riding a unicycle and juggling Persian kitties. Instead I tried [...]

Podcast: From Talking Head To Super Star Presenter

Listen Here: International Opera Director & Presentation Skills Trainer, Elizabeth Bachman, helps business professionals, authors and speakers learn how to stand in their power, find their unique voices, attract exciting new customers [...]

Podcast: Give Fear Of Public Speaking The Finger!

Listen Here: Diane DiResta is the founder of DiResta Communications, a NYC communication skills consultancy serving women leaders and senior executives of corporations to advance their careers. Diane holds a masters degree in Speech Pathology [...]

Podcast: Speak With Charisma

Listen Here: Angela Ahbez Anderson is a motivational speaker and voice coach for women and girls, who has designed the program  “The Eloquent Charismatic Orator” which is a public speaking program for middle school girls. Speak With Charisma What [...]

Storytelling 101: Tell The Right Story And Tell It Well

Every culture has valued storytelling since the beginning of time. Look at Hollywood. Hollywood is a billion dollar a year industry. What does Hollywood do best? Hollywood and Bollywood movies tell stories. A blockbuster or an independent film [...]

How To Manage Your Fear Of Public Speaking

I have talked with many people who struggle with speaking in public. Sometimes a person’s fear and anxiety can overwhelm them when they talk in front of a group of people. As an author of a managing fear book, here is a list of  techniques [...]

Your Passion Can Ignite Sales!

Today I got to live my dream! Today I was fortunate to coach an Olympic Athlete whose message is going to inspire millions. And it was awesome! This weekend I flew to Portland Oregon to work with two time Olympic Athlete Lopez Lomong. He placed [...]