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Your Passion Can Ignite Sales!

Today I got to live my dream!

Today I was fortunate to coach an Olympic Athlete whose message is going to inspire millions. And it was awesome!

This weekend I flew to Portland Oregon to work with two time Olympic Athlete Lopez Lomong. He placed 10th in the summer Olympics in


the 5000K this year.  He was one of the “Lost boys of Sudan” who came to the US at age 16 and finally an Olympic athlete to fulfill his dream. His book, Running for my Life is in bookstores now!

Seeing how proud Lopez is to be an American is truly humbling.

When he shared about digging through the trash from the United Nations compound on a weekly bases as a young child to get their food ration for the week, to dig through to salvage the half peeled bananas, the bruised and moldy fruit, and the bread that wasn’t fit for the dogs and the got EXCITED about it, I realized that there are millions of people living lives that we can’t even imagine!   I realize  how fortunate we are as Americans that we rarely have to think about where we’re getting our next meal, the clothes on our back or a place to lay our head at night.

When I saw Lopez practice his speech today with me, I became mesmerized when he spoke about how now he has the ability to HELP the people from Sudan. He’s able to bring recognition to his people who need decent food and water, healthcare and nutrition and education.  Lopez’s natural passion lit him up, which in turn inspired me to want to learn more!!! His natural energy evoked an emotional response in me.. and I wanted to help!!!

What about YOU? What are you passionate about?

Do you have a cause or a charity that you want to help?

Or do you have a message that will help people in your world of business, industry or company?

Passion sells! It wakes people up! It makes us connect with the individual in an authentic way.

It allows a person to be vulnerable which creates a valuable connection with the audience.  It evokes emotion!

So whether you have a story that will help a whole country like Lopez does, or a message that is only for your department of employees, you still have  a MESSAGE! And as Roger Ailes says, “You are the message!”

When you are ready to ignite the passions of others, ignite the passion of your company within… or ignite the passions in the world,  I’d love to speak with you about how I can help you do that. When you speak publicly you become credible!  When you speak powerfully, you invite people to listen and when you speak passionately, you move people to action!


Mary Gardner is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.