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Do Not Let Your Friends Pressure You Into Getting Married

I have many friends who pressure me to get into a relationship and to get married right away. I believe that getting married because your friends and relatives get on your case is a big mistake. Here are six tips on how I deal with my friends [...]

Podcast: How To Eliminate Chronic Knee Pain

Listen Here: Bill Parravano is an internationally renowned instructor, speaker, and author of several books including, The Comfort Zone and Stop Your Knee Pain Now! His upcoming book, Knees For Life will be released July 11, 2013. In [...]

5 Ways To Live Stress-Free

Stress happens. However, you do not have to allow stressful situations to implode your peace of mind. You can manage stress and the events that may precipitate stress for you which are personal to your personality. There are definite coping [...]

Sometimes… Big Girls Do Cry

What?  You didn’t renew my domain name!  What? It will cost how much?  What?  My car is leaking oil? What?  The garage door won’t open?  What? I need a crown on my tooth? What?  The plane has been delayed?  What? The Skype won’t [...]