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Sometimes… Big Girls Do Cry

What?  You didn’t renew my domain name!  What?

Leo Battenhausen, annie jennings pr, jenningswire, emotions, crying, pressureIt will cost how much?  What?  My car is leaking oil?

What?  The garage door won’t open?  What? I need a crown on my tooth? What?  The plane has been delayed?  What? The Skype won’t work? What? I have to move in six weeks?  What is that growing on my shoulder?

Just go ahead, jump right into the middle of all the “What Surprises”…and yes, let your hair down and go right on baby and cry!!  There, don’t you feel better?!

Well, maybe not 100%..but re-charged to face it all again, and just figure it out.

Keep in mind the harder you cry…the more tears….the more water weight you lose. So how’s that for looking on the bright side.

It all seems such a mystery at times.  We plunge ahead not missing a beat …rockin and rollin all the way to the goal, and just before we reach the finish line ..SPLAT…all over with “What Surprises”….and no matter how many cheers and accolades we are accumulating along the way….one of those surprises has a real ugly negative feel to it.  Someone didn’t like what you did..or you allowed yourself to feel unfairly criticized…even to the point that you start questioning your abilities , your reasons for believing in yourself, or actually finding yourself wondering if the these remarks were right…like maybe I am not as good as I think or maybe I am too old, or maybe a lot of other ridiculous thoughts to hold us back…especially, when it was even a minor incident where someone made an insignificant  remark that froze us in our tracks.

Oh…the strive for perfection!

You know what?  Were “human”….and for some of us… we just don’t give ourselves permission to be human.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when we came short of our own expectations we didn’t let ourselves feel so defeated? I am the worst at this….one… just one little negative in the midst of a bundle of positives…and I go around dwelling on that one negative.  Yes, this means I’m human!  But to be the kind of human I want to be means that somehow I have to remind my self how far I have come…and I don’t care what the age….because..

Yes, at Your Age you are still human and if you are reading this…

you WANT to continue doing the things you love, the work you are meant to do, the differences you will make in the lives of others as you/we just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  So what if we miss a beat every now and then…let’s just say it makes the rhythm of life a lot more interesting!  So if you shed a few tears along the way…Good For You!!!


Marcia Harp is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.