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Podcast: How To Eliminate Chronic Knee Pain

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Bill Parravano is an internationally renowned instructor, speaker, and author of several books including, The Comfort Zone and Stop Your Knee Pain Now! His upcoming book, Knees For Life will be released July 11, 2013.

In this podcast, Bill talks about eliminating chronic knee pain for sufferers who whether they realize it or not, are on a slippery slope to knee replacement surgery.

What does chronic knee pain mean?

  • Are there early warning signs to alert you to a bigger problem?
  • How do you eliminate knee pain?
  • How can you create comfort in the knee by removing pressure?
  • How can you recover from chronic knee pain faster?
  • If everything you try causes your knee to hurt worse what do you do then?
  • Where do I start? What’s the first step?

To find out more about Bill Parravano and his program to eliminate chronic knee pain, services and books, including his upcoming book, “Knees For Life” please visit his website TheKneePainGuru.com.

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