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Alternative Pet Care Solutions

Podcast: Alternative Pet Care Solutions

Listen Here: Veterinarian Dr. Mitsie Vargas is certified in many areas of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Vargas has applied her expertise in her new book, Alt-Vet: The Revolutionary Pet Care and Longevity Solution, which explores the alternative therapies [...]

Podcast: Dealing with the Loss of a Pet

Listen Here: Veterinarian Dr. Liz Fernandez is the author of the new book Sacred Gifts of a Short Life: Uncovering Wisdom of our Pets End of Life Journeys, and she offers us the silver lining that can be uncovered as we embrace the broken [...]

Podcast: Animals Are Our Best Teachers

Listen Here: Kelly Meister Yetter is the author of Crazy Critter Lady and No Better Medicine. Both books detail her experiences rescuing abused and unwanted animals. Both books also chronicle how caring for animals has helped her heal from [...]

How I Took Care Of My Pets And My Mental Health Issues

I have struggled with fear and anxiety for over 20 years. There were some weeks I really struggled in doing my daily routines. As an animal lover, I also have some pets and I always worried what would happen to my pets if my mental health got [...]

How Love For Your Pet Can Extend Your Own Life

Pets extending life. There are numerous case studies about how when a senior adopts a pet, suddenly they have a new lease on life. We hereby share with you some more vital ways of how love for animals increases your own lifespan. This post is [...]

“Dog Gone” Amazing!

“Who let the dog out?” Whoever did, thank you!  These days, more and more people are advocating for, concerned about, and loving their dogs. Our canine babies are quickly gaining very special status among pet owners and doing such [...]